Sunday, February 15, 2009

Movie Review: The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons

It is about a boy who is born as an old man and get younger by the day.

Basically there are a few things which won’t change much if you live your life forward or backward:
  • You still end up in diaper either way
  • You will loose your memory eventually
  • You will loose the one you love slowly
  • You still get to live a meaningful life: work, travel, love, family, etc
  • You still get to inherit wealth from your parents
  • You come with nothing, and you are gone with nothing.

I think the real focus of the show isn’t about growing from old to young, but just another life told with a more interesting twist. A life of 80 years is fast forwarded in 3 hours, so you will see a lot and experience a lot, knowing there is no eternity and nothing last forever. After all, there is only 80 years (or slightly more, or less).

Fact of life, which we try to deny or take it lightly, else we would have to live like there is no tomorrow, or find there is no point in living since we are going to loose everything in the end. Parents or love ones will eventually leave us (if we don’t leave them first) and youth only have a 20-40 years life span. There is not eternity and everything have a fix amount of time (maybe ten of years), thus it is important for us to do the best with what we have, with the time we have.

Like what I had suspected, life is a journey and fulfillment of dreams (what we really wanted to do). A ship captain still can be an artist even though his father told him he can’t, and ended up as a tattoo artist cum ship captain. A dancer who broke her leg will move on with something else, a family and dance studio perhaps; even if she doesn’t break her leg, there is a short life span for dancer. It doesn’t really matter if others tell that we can’t, or we think we can’t, as long we at least try it before we end our life.

I know becoming a millionaire is difficult, opening a kindergarten is not easy, travel around the world take a lot of courage, trained for Iron Man is tough, reaching the peak of mountains required not giving up; but for the moment think about the thought that we will actually try to do what we wanted to do is already exciting enough. What if we really do it? It will be out of this world. What if we really make it? It would be priceless.

Life is really short, and it’s is flowing away from me slowly. I already felt that there isn’t enough time, but I am glad that I notice it.

I really love movies :)