Sunday, November 26, 2006

What I learn about life

One day I woke out from the wrong side of the bad, with what seems like an easy and harmless day turned out to be difficult and annoying. It all started with a few bad phone calls and my life start turning upside down in order to make other people’s life easy (that’s the objective, though it’s not necessary to work towards that direction).

Then I decide to face these problems with courage rather than sulk on them, thus started to tackle them one by one. Then I realize before I finish solving one problem, another two popup. Thus pressure is built up, until some big trigger push me into the pit of hopelessness, thus causing me to rethink should I continue to pursue what I am pursuing now.

When everything seems too difficult and hopeless, it’s already time to go home and have some rest (perhaps it’s a good idea). Driving home with such despair, I ponder how I should continue with my life. I was hoping someone would be at home for me to show my tiredness and perhaps rant a bit. I was kinda disappointed to find no one was around when I reach home. Luckily my parents and uncle return soon, and then we get to chit chat a bit.

The chit chat can sure do miracle, not to find a solution, but to release it all out and seeking the experience of others. If you ask me what had I concluded from the conversation? Nothing. Nothing is concluded or achieved, but I just felt relieved and ready to move on with life. I felt alive again and no longer in despair. I am ready for tomorrow and able to sleep tonight. It reinforce the importance of having someone at home when I get back, thus it is called a home, not a house.

When I work up the next morning, the vicious cycle started again … until one day when I get used to it, or I give up on it.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Miss Autumn Festival Post

Where would be the best place to celebrate Mid Autumn festival? SP Setia’s park at Pusat Bandar Puchong, as I really couldn’t find any place else. It had a nice lake, big park and small crowd. If you know of any better location, do let me know :)

I guess it’s pretty usual for most people to stay at home and do nothing on this day, but I might as well “celebrate” it since I have someone special this year. Picking the spot is quite a challenge, but we manage well in the end. Have been busy through the entire week, not sure what motivate me to go out and plan something. Perhaps just wanna do something to make you happy … too bad didn’t manage to get the lanterns, but the candles are pretty fun as well.

Photo Links: Mei Ru's Multiply

Gunung Ledang (Mt. Ophir)

Gosh! I miss blogging on so many important events due to extremely busy schedule, from Gunung Ledang to Al Chifar Dinner & Dance to Alor Star + Pedu Lake + Pangkor Island trip. Since I don’t have time to write much, so might as well do a photo blog to remember these events (more pictures, less writings).

Among all my mountain trekking experience, Gunung Ledang is probably one of the more disappointing ones. Why? Because the place is costly and too commercialized. You have to pay for parking, entrance, trekking, and also a guide (total around RM 60 per person paid to Taman Negara).

There are about 21 of us (1 guide for 10 person, and we have to take 3, and the extra guide will take care of the little kid we bring along, sigh). It takes 2 hours to reach our campsite, passing by 2 pretty waterfalls. I think this is the 4th station, and this campsite is huge with ample space. We left our big bags here and continue trekking 4 hours up to the peak. The journey is quite challenging as it requires quite some rope climbing, and there are sands along the path and some bonsai look-alike tree near the top.

The top is pretty disappointing as we reach around 4-5 P.M. (we need another 3 hours to trek down and must reach by 7, Taman Negara regulation) which is pretty hot, and it’s hazy as well due to the bad haste recently. So no clear sky, no nice weather, no amazing view, sucks. I was told before Taman Negara take over, we could camp near the top, which is quite cool as we can enjoy the sunset and sunrise, not to mention the pretty stars at night. Guess all these fun stuff are no longer available now, so we would probably banned Gunung Ledang for life.

In total we have to trek around 8 hours on the 1st day and it’s quite rush and not quite relaxing nor enjoyable. Furthermore I didn’t quite get my “reward” at the peak. Then it rains at night before I could have my dinner, and water went in the camp and my sleeping site outside, double sucks. Somehow, it rains pretty often during most of my outdoor trips, sigh.

The next day is super relaxing, just about an hour downhill and get to swim near the waterfall (which is pretty enjoyable).

Gunung Ledang could have been better, but the true experience of mountain trekking is spoilt by Taman Negara (perhaps to cater for more city folks, they have to make it super safe plus constraining). If you are a city dweller that haven’t trek much mountain before, perhaps Gunung Ledang is for you.

Ops, it didn't make it to become a photo blog, I wrote too much ...

Photo Links: Mei Ru's Multiply 1, 2 and 3; Michelle's Multiply; Chim's Multiply 1, 2, 3 and 4

PS: My video production for Gunung Ledang could take forever to come out