Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Malaysia's Web

I am always curious about what is going on in the Malaysia Internet community, not just the blogosphere (from PPS), but perhaps trying to find out what is the coolest and latest useful web application launched for Malaysia, or by Malaysian. I am doing MMW Food, and I am sure there are a dozen of people or more out there are working on some other interesting idea or trying to solve some daily problems.

Firstly, I stumbled upon WebWatch Malaysia, which seems to have quite a number of information on Malaysian Web and Entrepreneur related stuff. It gets me started to a whole lot of interesting stuff, so kudos to Khailee.

From there, it links me to a very interesting company in Malaysia called MindValley. From the website, it looks like the ideal company where every programmer who dream of starting their own business should work at (it sounds like the utopia company for techie, or IT related personel) . I think they are an incubator for some interesting business idea (mostly web related), and maybe the people who get employed to work on the project get to be the stakeholder in the project? Or they try to encourage and couch their employees to be entrepreneur as well? Anyway, the website itself is already a very powerful marketing weapon, as it fires up my curiosity. I think I should really check this company out.

Then it brought me to a few other local business idea such as:
  • Bunch Out – Meet other groups of people through group listings
  • Tumpang - pooling your resources with other users to get the best deals. It’s really about getting a bulk discount.
  • A Digg Clone
  • PacMee – a Shoutouts so to call, but looks to me like a message board to post short messages and announcement. Do people really read the message posted? Anyway, it's a Twitter-Clone.
I wonder if Springwise feature a Malaysian start-up before.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Dream of Freedom

Don’t we ask ourselves this question this question in life so many times, “What do I want in life?” Tonight, at this moment in time, I had an answer for myself, FREEDOM.

It’s not just financial freedom, or democracy kind of freedom, but the freedom to live life as naturally as it can be, following my dream and instinct. When I look into a scene of a snow mountain, I feel like I wanna live there. It’s not just about the snow, or mountain, or even the nature. I think it is more than that. I think it’s the freedom to choose where I would like to stay, and how would I live my life.

It’s not so much that we don’t have freedom, but we do have a lot of responsibility in life. We need to take care of our family, need to pay for the car and house, and to support our lifestyle in the city. A lot of time, we end up doing a lot of thing that we didn’t really fancy, for the excuse to support our lifestyle. If we chase our dream, then there are sacrifices to be made. Between sacrificing our dream and sacrificing our money, which one do you think is worst?

I am moving towards realizing my dream: to get my freedom. Nothing come easy, and I shouldn't let that thought stop me; heck I it’s so easy, the dream would not be so precious. The Dream of Freedom; It doesn’t quite matter where I stay or what I own, is all in the mind. If I put my mind and heart to make, I really believe I could make it happen. I probably could read mind too, haha.

Let put the big picture aside and look into the smaller picture. Between Engineering and Computer Programming, I thought I would like to do programming more as it had more room for creation. Between R&D and Application Development, I thought I would like Application Development more because I like to build. Between Business Application and Social Application, I think I would like Social Application more as it is more fun and meaningful. Between Employment and Entrepreneurial, I would prefer Entrepreneurial anytime because I get to choose and decide. Between being alone and having a companion, I would prefer to have someone by my side. Whenever I found myself another option, I have to move into the correct direction and know myself a little bit better.

If we can just put money aside ( even for a short while) and give it some thought and try, I think we could probably find out what we want to do with our life. Is the price worth paying for? Is there anything worst than forgoing your dream?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gu Wen & Wynn Wedding Video

5th November 2007, Tan Khor Boon and Wynn Low tie the knot and live happily ever after :)

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Kit2 Birthday Video

Mei Ru's Nephew :)

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Cameron Highland Video (After Charlie XPDC)

A day tour around Cameron Highlands after XPDC Gunung Challi / Charlie, courtesy of Chim to provide the accommodation and act as the tour guide.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Gunung Rajah Expedition 2 Video

This is my 2nd expedition to Gunung Rajah, with the first one in 2006 (which happens to be my 1st trekking with Siong Har and team, and there are quite some memory there). Gunung Rajah is a nice place and beautiful water stream, which take 5 hours to trek to the base camp, and perhaps another to reach the top.

Last I went there I saw some project going on to laid big pipe to tap into the water stream, and I just hope that the development would not spoil Rajah.

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Gu Wen & Wynn Wedding

5th November 2007, Gu Wen and Wynn finally tight the knot on a journey toward eternal happiness. But life is not all green and flowery, so sit tight and endure the rough ride together. Though I am not really an expert in this field, but I believe as long as we always have the best interest of others in our mind, then we should not screw up too much (as long as your assumption of what’s best for others is correct).

Sorry for not being a really impressive MC on your wedding night, as I was not really good with public speaking nor did I prepared enough to create something more fun and entertaining. Maybe I shall get better with a few more try and more experience, so you guys are the guinea pig lor.

As for your video, I shall dedicate today to complete it as a wedding present, and I shall need to work until midnight to make up for my lost of productivity as well. So, do think about “rewarding” when if you found the video to be good :)

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Review: Randy Pausch’s Last Lecturer

I try to make it a point not to blog during my “official working” hours, as I find it disruptive and I couldn’t finish my work. But sometimes I do browse around and find something really good (this time from Mei Ru), and couldn’t resist not to blog about it so that I would not forgot what I should have remembered.

Randy Pausch’s Last Lecturer. He was a Carnegie Mellon (once I wish I would get a chance to study there, thinking of the opportunity and possibility) professor who is dying of cancer. I didn’t know this great man prior to this, so I won’t pretend to introduce him properly. What I know is his last lecture, which is a 1:45 minutes of video and the time spent is definitely worth it.

I am not really good at writing a summary is nice English and story-telling kind of way, so I would utilize my usual efficient method of points form.


“When you screw up really badly and no one tell you about it, it means no one really care about you anymore (they had given up on you)”, so be glad when someone bother to criticize you (in a constructive manner).

“Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you want”. I found it to be very true, as we learn more while trying to get it right. It makes us wonder and try more, knowing that we would reach there somehow, sooner or later.

“Captain Kirk is not really the smartest people on board on Enterprise; Spork was pretty smart, McCoy was the doctor and Scottie was the Engineer. What skill set does he have to sit on the no 1 seat in Enterprise? Leadership”. Sometimes it’s just more than technicality and raw knowledge.

“It’s cool to meet your childhood idol, but it’s even cooler to have him visit you and see what you had done in your lab”.

“Brick wall are there for a reason; they let us prove how badly we want something, and to keep ‘other people’ away”.

“Give people enough time, and they will be surprised and impressed with you”

If you found a student project which is the best that you had seen, what should you say to the creators? “Guys, what you have done are pretty good, and I know you guys could do better”. Why? You obviously don’t know where the bar would be, and you only would do them a disservice by putting it anywhere.

Project Alice, allow millions of kids to have fun while learning something very hard.

Andy van Dam, “It’s such a shame that people perceived you as so arrogant, because it’s going to limit what you’ll be able to accomplish.” What does it means? It means that you are a JERK.

“I don’t know about not to have fun. I am dying if I am not having fun. I am going to keep having fun everyday I have left, as there is no other way to life”. How many of us take it as it is we cannot have fun in out work, as it’s meant for survival and to support the family. Is there really no way to have fun in our work, and we didn’t try to make the necessary changes to make it happen?

“Never loose the child-like wonder”. Can you think of what childhood dream you used to have, and what had happened to it?

“Loyalty is a two-way street”.

“When you found a man who is romantically interested with you, just ignore everything he say and pay attention only to what they do”, Sharon Louis.

Would you put aside your wife’s birthday celebration to give the last lecture of your life? Randy would bring his wife along and celebrate it with his 500 audience.

How to get people to help you?
  • You can’t get there alone, and I believe in Karma.
  • Tell the truth
  • Be earnest
  • Apologize when you screw up
  • Focus on others, not yourself

Be prepared: “Luck” is where preparation meets opportunity

Head Fake: “When we sent our kid to learn football, they are not just learning football. They are actually learning teamwork, perseverance, etc”. It’s what you had learn when you didn’t realize that you are learning it.

Head Fake: “This lecture is not about how to achieve your dream, but how to live your life”. The dream is just an objective, is the journey that counts.

2nd Head Fake: “This lecture is not for you guys, it’s for my children”.


I think Randy is a good person with wisdom of life. Sometimes that we are obsessed with our dream, and how to make money or to find our passion and true purpose in life. It’s all about how to live our life. When you are lost, look at your life and think how to make it better (if it’s already not a better life).

I think there is always something special about western university like Carnegie Mellon, it is not so much about the quality of their courses and lecturer; it's the freedom and opportunity and exposure presented. You get to do and create things, and you are encouraged and given the necessary platform and environment to do so. The freedom to express.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Alpha Review: The E-Myth Revisited

Accidentally found a good read "The E-Myth Revisited"at Borders while waiting for Mei Ru and gang for my “surprise” birthday celebration. Thanks Guys, appreciate the treat and effort to come :)

So, why would people like me would want to become a freelance, business owner or entrepreneur? Because we are the one who know how to do the work (and probably quite good at it), and we see the bosses and manager fail to do a good job, or screw up too much. So we decided that we don’t need these people who are not contributing, and we can handle the situation perfectly well. Walah! We quite our job and become our own boss? Sounds familiar?

That’s the exact thing which captures my attention, as it is so true. The problem is, we are the “Technician” who understands the technical work of a business, but we might not actually understand a business that does the technical work. Basically it means though we know how to do the work, we might not know how to run a business.

What is it like to be a business owner? It brought to light that we have 3 personalities within us, mainly The Entrepreneur, The Manager and The Technician.
  • The Entrepreneur – lives in the future, looks for control, the visionary and the finder
  • The Manager – lives in the past, looks for order, the planner and the minder
  • The Technician – lives in the present, look for work, the doer and the grinder.

So, I am truly a Technician, so this personality usually dominates. I can become a manager and keep order, especially for the past year. The trickiest part is Entrepreneur, as I set my own future and strategize. It’s tricky that I have no idea whether I am doing it right, as I have the least experience with this personality. Basically I should strengthen my Manager and Entrepreneur characteristics, and to gain more knowledge and experience in those area.

Since know I understand better who I am, now what? What should be done to increase my chances of success? Hmm, I haven’t reach that part yet. I wanted to buy the book, but I think I can finish it if I sit there for a whole day, and I plan to do so :)