Friday, December 30, 2005

Amazing Chiang Mai Trip Part II: Mountain Trekking (Up)

After enjoying the superb scenery at Pai Valley and a cool night sleep at La Teresa, it is time for some adventure. Today we are going for mountain trekking, walking through one of the most beautiful mix deciduous forest in Northern Thailand (Mae Hong Sorn province).

We have our western breakfast around 8 plus in the morning, and it is cold and misty outside (about 10 plus degree Celsius). Booster the big Yellow Dog is hyperactive in the morning to have some fun with the girls. Our guide great us in good English of Thai standard (luckily), and I already have a good feeling of this adventure. We packed up our mini bags (enough cloth for one night and keep us warm, much less baggage compared to KK Trip) and ready to go.

We need to take about an hour drive up the mountain before we start to trek. The view along the journey is nice, with lots of greenery of trees and paddy fields. We can see beautiful valley and forests, quite a breath taker; and the air is cool as well. We stop by a flea market on the way, which is pretty busy with lots of goods on sales. Noticeable items include Burmese Cigarettes (looks more nature friendly), pink colour eggs, dried herbs and nice neck scarf. We stop by a small town as well, but most of the food sold there is cold. It had a very nice and unique inn there, surrounded with nice handy craft and plants.

We picked up our Porter (his name is Gunmen) on the way and began our journey uphill. The starting point is very near a river; thus we can see the beautiful stream and many cows. Most of the cows had a bell around their neck; thus you could hear the Dong Dong Dong sound from far away. After passing through the river, it is time to go uphill. On the hilltop is a bamboo jungle with lots of cow dunk. The place feels like the bamboo-fighting scene like Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger. We took a short rest and proceed with our journey. This trekking is not strenuous as we have plenty of pit stop in between served with good food. The porter carries a lot of water and food with him, including watermelon (freaking amazing!). They offer us Sticky Rice, Fried Potato and Watermelon as brunch and Friend Rice with Chicken as lunch at the riverside. Before we start eating, they always put a small portion of the food on a piece of leave as offering for the Mountain Spirit. We travel light, with plenty of good food and beautiful scenery, abundant of rest and trekking at a comfortable pace. This is almost like a 5 star luxury mountain trekking experience.

The mountain had a variety of tress, wild orchids and some beautiful wild little flower all around the place. The atmosphere is always cooling, with a comfortable level of sunshine from 11 A.M to 4 P.M. The view of a valley is simply amazing, feel like staying there when I retired. Perhaps build a wooden house with an orchard, installing a satellite for broadband and International TV subscription. Not to mentioned allow the children of the mountain tribes to get their hand on XBOX 360 and PS3. It would be like heaven on earth, muahahaha. The sky is clear and blue, with a nice ocean of white soft clouds below us.

We stop by another bamboo jungle, where the porter hand made us pair of chopstick and a teacup each (nicely made). Sometimes we have to cross a cold river stream, and it is absolutely freezing. Lee Mun fall down twice when stepping on the slippery rocks, as her shoes doesn’t have a good grip. We had our lunch near the river, which is a pretty nice and cooling spot. The sound of water surrounded by a cooling forest under a shade is simply amazing. We found some of the river rocks are natural crayon, thus start carving some fun motives on the stones. Our guide is really a very nice and caring person, who had a thing for fossil.

We reach the hill tribe village on top on the mountain (only one mountain away from Burma) after 5-6 hours of trekking. It consists of a few bamboo hut and long house, with lots of life stalk around (chickens, cows and pigs). There is a mama pig there with about a dozen of baby piggies following her around. Those pigs are really cute and funny. We would spend a night at the bamboo long house, where they pre-prepared a few sleeping bags, blankets and mosquitoes net for us. The mountaintop is cooling, but not windy. The bathroom and toilet is open air and natural. The bathroom consists of cool mountain water flowing down a pipe, while the toilet is among the flower bush. Don’t ask me how the native take their bath everyday, I have no idea.

We played with a few native children, which can be very cute at times. The natives cooked us a very nice dinner, with rice, chicken, vegetables and potato soup (this is really good). As soon as nighttime arrived, there seems to be nothing much to do except sleep. We have a brief chit chat outside, and star watching (the stars are simply amazing, I never saw so many of them in my entire life). Candle is used as the source of light, as it isn’t windy. I really enjoyed the atmosphere here; it is simply relaxing and nice. The middle of the night is freezing when we sleep, where mattress, sleeping bag, mattress and jacket seem so inferior compared to the cold temperature. I think it felt below 10 degree Celsius in the middle of the night. I have some problem sleeping, but it is not as bad as Laban Rata at KK.

Tomorrow we shall continue with more trekking, elephant riding and bamboo rafting.

Photo Link: Tang's DropShot 1, 2

Wei Kang's Wedding

17 DEC 2005 was Wei Kang’s wedding in Kuantan, my secondary school mate who once told me he wanted to become a doctor (or is it because someone else wanted him to become a doctor?). It had been more than a year since my last reunion with my secondary schoolmates, and it was 6 years apart before that. Though sometimes I might feel awkward with them, but usually we could churn out quite an amount of topic here and there. As usual, the guys and the girls shall be in different groups (old habit die-hard).

Torture in Progress

Wei Kang & Wife

I didn’t attend the morning ceremony, as I am still in KL (due to late night out before that). With the usual Chinese style, they would torture the bridegroom to make his attempt to take the bride away more challenging. Torturing the men (the brothers) had since been a cultural thing for the girls (the sisters) as part of the wedding ceremony.

The Pretty Gals of 5S1, SMTP97

I took a 2.30 P.M bus, and arrived just in time for the dinner session at 7.00 P.M. The place is at Hoi Tin Lau at Jalan Air Putih, Kuantan. It is good to see a lot of old friends, and it is nice for people to get married. I guess Wei Kang is kinda of a family man type, those who would like to get married and setup a family ASAP. As usual, dinner is boring (with localised Karaoke session), friends are nice. It rains after the dinner, so we cancelled the beach plan and went to Chin Kiat’s house instead. Have more Karaoke there, but nothing much to do. Perhaps the group is too big; perhaps it had been quite a while; perhaps we had always been like this.

The Newly Wed and the Sisters

The Full Squad

I stayed overnight at Chin Kiat’s place before taking a noon bas back to KL again. It is quite a rush trip, as I have to go back and pack for my Chiang Mai trip the next day.

On 01 JAN 2006 is CC's wedding, another trip to Kuantan again (this time will be less rush and stayed a bit longer)

PS: I wish WK happy marriage and happiness until the end of days :)

Photo Link: Nan Jian's Yahoo Photo, UJ's Yahoo Photo, Hon Peng's Yahoo Photo

New Year Resolution for 2006

Take over the world perhaps?

Very Serious Stuff
  • Earn RM 100K in 2006 (I don’t draw salary anymore and no extra income is in sight; this had been my missed target for the past 2 years)
  • Complete execution of my Potential Million Dollar Project (Go Go Go!)
  • Package my flagship product MyMRP as a shrink wrap commercial software
  • Create a cool Micro ISV website
Free and Easy Stuff
  • Maintain good health and don’t get bloated
  • Go for at least one trip (Mulu or Silk Road?)
  • Seeking a soul mate perhaps? ()
  • Be open hearted and be cheerful (no more anxiety)
  • More parties? Or some pleasant dates from times to times would be nice as well
  • Persistence in my dancing endeavor
Tiny Mini Stuff
  • Renovate my SOHO office
  • Buy a new PC (and Play Civilization 4; it had been ages since I last played a good game)
  • Finished editing the mountain of videos (I probably should start a business of video shooting and editing; since I have tons of portfolio to show)
Big Big Target: Be a millionaire at the age of 30 (Young & Successful, yeah!)

This should be a good read one year from now :)

What Tech Skills Are Hot For 2006: Developer

Based on the “What Tech Skills Are Hot For 2006?” article by ComputerWorld, it says Developers, Security Experts and Project Managers will be in demand. I always believed Developers are the most agile and valuable job one could take up in the Tech Field. Why? Because you have a broad variety of industries to choose from (almost every industry require Software), and many IT suckers out there either can’t program well or have programming phobia (less competition means more value).

As a developer, you could start your own software company with very little money just in case you run out of job or you decide to be adventurous. It just require some simple business idea, good execution and hopefully not to sucky on product and marketing strategy.

What skilled should a Developer be equipped with nowadays? The Tech Hype seems to favour new generation language such as Java and .NET. With these, you shall never die of hunger. It would be nice to have some knowledge of VB as well, since there are tons of software out there which might require some tweaking or maintenance. C/C++ is gold, as the skill is rare and valuable (and still very much useful and in demand in nitch market); this skill probably separates you from the rest of the novice programmer by far. PHP would be nice to have, and knowledge of Socket and Multi-threading programming is like diamond; Design Pattern is extremely useful as well. Knowledge and experience of at least 2 type databases could be a value adds (perhaps MS SQL and MySQL? Maybe Oracle if you are lucky) You need to become a developer, not a programmer. A developer should be multi-skilled and versatile, capable of taking up multiple roles and varieties of task without much problem. Equipped yourself with experience and knowledge of Software Design and Architecture as well, which would turn you into a Software Architect. Some experience in Team Management (and proper Software Development Practices) and knowledge of Product Strategy would move you one step above Developer.

Besides Technical Skill, sometimes employers require you to have the industrial knowledge of the relevant sectors. Experience in a certain field is a double-sided sword; it could either lock you in, or help you climb higher. Anyway, some exposure in different industries is beneficial.

All the buzz about Malaysia IT Graduates couldn’t find a job is bullshit (at least half of it anyway). Probably most of these IT graduates are not developer, trying to look for some high paying no hard work kind of job. Mun Wai told me he know of many vacancies for high paying developers, but you would need to be versatile and skilful (quite rare nowadays) to fill the post. How about fresh graduate? Just show the employer you have the skill and have no problem completing all college programming assignments at a blink of the eye. Besides, a simple programming test would reveal your true capabilities easily (if you are a good developer, don’t accept a job offer in a company where they don’t offer you a programming test or your interviewer is non-technical; unless the company had a position of CTO or Technical Director). For you to grow in the company, the company need to have good Software Development Culture.

PS: This is a good read about programming skill, The Perils of JavaSchools by Joel.

PS: Another good read on programming language, Beating the Averages by Paul Graham.

A Collage of Milu

Lim created wallpaper for Mei Ru using photos from the Christmas Party. I never quite seen so many laughter in a single collage; a very happy Mei Ru indeed. Could it be Lim had a thing for Mei Ru? hehehe

I saw lotsa Mei Ru

"Don't Hurt Me"

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Success comes to those who are too busy to look for it

“Success comes to those who are too busy to look for it”, I have this phrase tagged in my working cubicle among my top 10 Word of Wisdom. I kinda like it as it sounds deep and right. Lately, I think I kinda experience it. Perhaps it is true as well that Fortune Favour the Adventurous (another of my tag).

I felt that opportunities are on the rise ever since I decide to quit my job and take some risk to venture into uncharted waters. I finally realize how unmotivated I am with my current job, as there is no challenges and rewards. Besides my original plan of working on my potential multimillion projects, do some freelancing while helping out my cousin sister, Cham offered me a job at his company as well. I am grateful that Cham appreciated my talent, but permanent fulltime employment and continuation of climbing corporate ladder is not something which I would like to embark on at my current mood. Today my talented friend Mun Wai called me for an urgent business meet, where he offered me a proposal to work with him for a good fix salary with potential to embark on multiple projects in the long run (potential profit sharing or project bonus perhaps?). Nothing is concrete (it might just gone with the wind like all the others, but I hope something good might turn out from this), but the timing is right, and the idea sounds good with sufficient flexibility. Mun Wai is still as jumpy as ever, but his business contacts had expanded with good business opportunities surrounding him. It seems like he is making good progress after almost 3 years doing freelance work for fulltime. It is proven again that business need time to develop and mature, in order to capture more contacts and clients.

As for relationship, I felt much happier and at ease once I become less desperate and intentional. When I wanted something very much, the more it won’t go my way. Once I let go of my expectation, everything seems to fall in place easier with less stress and disappointment. I am feeling good, and I enjoyed the current situation. One thing good about being single is that you can go out with anyone you like without the need to answer to anyone. The down side is you don’t really have anyone truly with you. But I am satisfied here and now. It feels good again to be nice to people around me, something which I withheld unintentionally quite a long time ago (perhaps due to some bad experience). Perhaps it cost me too much unwanted headache at that time. I hope I am doing it right this time, as unmanaged goodness to many people could be disastrous at the end. I hope I am strong and wise now.

Memorable PC Games Part I: RTK & Dune

Romance of Three Kingdom III (RTK)

RTK is probably one of the early most significant games running on my first PC, a 386 with 20 MB of Hard Disk, and 512K RAM. I probably had played this game over a hundred times, and it had been my favorite and most played game for a period of 2 years (an unbreakable record as expectation grows and quality of competitive games get better). I can still remember the days where my brother and I played this game in 2 players’ mode in turn-based, one after another.

We can remember almost all the names of the Generals, and which province they are located and which ruler they served. We could even roughly know when a new quality general would appear and where. The most exciting aspect of the game is to recruit as much high quality generals to serve under us. We don’t actually focus much on war strategy or expansion (this is our secondary objective), but to use all tactics and plots to lure famous general to serve under us. Even though the opponents' general might have perfect loyalty (100 points), but we are persistent as well. We would actually choose to attack a province because they have good generals there, rather than for land and glory. So, we basically played as a collector. With good generals in hand, an army of 5000 could defeat an army of 10K or more. There are a variety of war techniques such as setting fire, betrayal, simultaneous attack and spy. There have Chinese translated name of some of the tactics (such as Tiger, Dragon or something, I couldn’t quite recall), but it is really fun using all these simple tactics.

RTK is probably my most memorable games of all time, as it is the early ones (not many options around at that time) and super addictive (or izzit I am easy to be satisfied at that time). I did try many of the sequels; some are good while some are really bad. I hope there would be some major improvements and breakthrough in terms of game play for future RTK releases, just like what Sid Meier did for the Civilization Franchise.

Dune I & II

Dune II is probably one of the early RTS (Real Time Strategy) games around, where it is freaking amazing and exciting at the time. We have 3 tribes to choose from: Atreides (Good Guys), Harkonen (Evil) and Ordos (Sneaky Fella). Actually Dune is based on a Novel, but I didn’t read about it (I am not much of a novel reader, except for a few exceptions). Romance of the Three Kingdoms (RTK) is based on a Chinese Novel as well.

First experience with RTS kept the adrenaline pumping hard, controlling all those little war machines one by one. It had that nasty sandworm which popup from time to time to swallow your machines positioned on sands. These worms are pretty hard to die actually, I tried very hard to kill them but fail. I still remember the Sonic Tank of Atreides, the T-Bone Chopter (Carryall) to carry damage vehicle to repair factory, the super Rocket Launcher which can shoot further than defensive turret from a certain angle, Nuclear Missile (Death Hand) of the Harkonen and many more. Other good RTS after this include Command & Conquer, Total Annihilation (cool 3D Polygon at its time), Empire Earth (this game is insanely crazy at nuclear age!), Age of Empire (Nifty), Warcraft (Well Polished) and Starcraft (Addictive).

After I got enough of Dune II, I went to look for Dune. Dune is not a RTS, but an adventure game with some strategy element. It is pretty unique actually, still remembering riding sandworm and asking the Freeman to do agriculture on sand land.

Others memorable games include the following (will blog about them if I have the time)

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Amazing Chiang Mai Trip Part I: Pai

It had been almost like a dream for my trip to Chiang Mai, where everything seems too beautiful and nice. Chiang Mai is a nice place at the North of Thailand, where it is safe from the flood and shooting at the South of Thailand. Thailand is a very affordable and friendly place, and the North is filled with nature attraction, thus make it a good choice for us.

On Sunday night, I spent a night at Tang’s place so that we can share a cab together to the airport the next morning. She packed a big pack of food for me to chuck into the my already full bag, with all sorts of biscuits and energy bar, and waterproof bags as well. It is always nice to travel with girls, as they always bring along much stuff with them such as all kinds of medicine, shampoo, food and alike. Last time Mickey also has a pack filled with all kind of goodies. Just in case I forgot or don’t have any of them, I can always count on them. Tang’s bed is not so mini after all, and then the bed must be very big for her size. I am quite dependent on her in this trip, as she organises almost everything. I didn’t even bother to remember the itinerary, I am so bad. But I have faith in her, since she is the expert of travel. She even help me to get a good bargain on a 45L travel bag and a body pouch, so she is really good in this kind of stuff. Trust the expert, hehehe.

We have to wake up very early in the morning to take a cab to KLIA. We will fly by AirAsia, but our ticket is more expensive as we didn’t book early (as it is quite a last minute decision). It cost us around RM 800 for 2 ways, while we could save about a hundred plus if we book weeks ahead, and it would only cost us RM 300 or less if we booked months ahead. Lesson of the day: Plan ahead and buy the air ticket very early. But since I am in the mood for a year end holiday and I don’t plan to be a spoiler, thus the few hundred extra should be well justified. Besides, I have good companies.

Outside Siam Sun HQ with Daniel

The flight took about two and half-hours, and I manage to take a nap. We arrived at Chiang Mai safe and sound (10 minutes earlier), where a female tour agent of Siam Sun, Karteh pick us up (she look like Patchara from my previous working trip in Bangkok). Most people in Thailand drive a big pickup truck look alike transport, to carry more passenger and goods, and also to travel in the outskirts easily in bad road condition. We meet Daniel (a Swiss), the agency manager. Karteh is his colleague and same house girlfriend, and both of them been divorced before.

After some document handling and payment plus lots of question by Tang (is good to have her as my travel buddy), Daniel start driving us to Pai. Pai is about 100 KM from Chiang Mai, through some hill roads (something like the uphill road to Cameron Highlands). The outskirt scenery of Thailand is fantastic, with lots of greenery and paddy field. The uphill road scenery is pretty amazing as well, with small little colourful flowers and some pine tree in between. We stop by a very nice café to have lunch half way through, and the place is filled with amazing landscape in Japanese style. The food did take quite a long while to arrive, but the environment is really nice and comfortable. It has nice pond with dragonfly, a mini vegetable farm, a Japanese style café house, nice plants and mini statue, and an amazing mountain view as well. I really like that place a lot (I need to extract the photos from my video, as Tang didn’t take any picture of this place).

We continue our drive by going from hill to hill, with nice scenery and cool breeze along the way. The entire journey took us about 2 hours before we reach Pai town, but we stop by at a nearby hot spring. There are numerous hot spring and geyser along the way. This particular hot spring near Pai Town is unique in the sense that the boiling water from the hot spring meet with the cool water from a nearby stream, thus make it a perfect place to soak your body. They even have private mini pools built by blocking the waters with sandbags. They even sell some eggs for boiling at the hot spring, and make sure you don’t step your legs in them. The smell of sulphur is strong around the hot spring, but not unbearable.

Amazing Paddy/Onion Field

Amazing Grass Field with Mountain View

At last we reach Pai town and the place is simply amazing, with paddy/onion fields, temples, wooden house, sunflower, little wild flowers, lots of greenery, mountain and river views. We stay at La Teresa, a mini resort on top of a small hill with amazing view. There are only 3 unit of chalets, but they are clean and nice. The place actually looks quite romantic and suitable for couple honeymoon kinda trip. The weather is cold and we have hot waters, yeah!

La Teresa

The Pai Town is just 5 minutes work away, and the town is simply amazing. The town is small and simple, but unique. Unique in the sense that there are nice many European restaurants in this place, with a mix of local Thai food. There are laundry shop and Internet café everywhere, it really a backpacker’s heaven. We have many Thai junk food for dinner while walking and sightseeing along the lively street. At the end, we stop by an Italian (or izzit French) ice-cream shop and the ice cream is simply cheap and amazing. The weather is cold, which make the ice-cream taste even better. I think I had fallen in love with this town, as it is remote and beautiful, yet sophisticated with a European taste. It really feels like heaven on earth, in one way or another.

Me & Tang

Me & Li Mun

Tomorrow we are going hiking up many hills and stay over night there, which is another amazing experience.

Photo Link: Tang's DropShot 1, 2, 3

Year End Celebration Part II: Unplanned Night Out with Wynn

The night is supposed to followed by a movie date, but I was disappointed at the last minute (my date FFK me, evil). I thought of going home, but I kinda wanted to watch the movie and why waste the tickets. Choosing a last minute person to go with me is pretty tricky, as some would mind to be chosen as a replacement. After some deep consideration, I decide to call Wynn. She is a perfect candidate, as she doesn’t feel tired easily, certainly could use some company and I would feel comfortable around her. My invitation is welcomed; sometimes I felt she is like a big sister to me. I dropped by her house to watch DVD as it is still early, and she had a very packed room. The bed had many comfy blanket and fluffy dolls, and a massaging pillow as well, cools. I picked the cartoon about the war pigeon thingy, but I couldn’t quite recall the title. It was pretty fun, but not exactly great. Since the other DVDs couldn’t play on her machine very well, decide to proceed with dinner instead.

I have a few choices in my mind, maybe Vietnamese Kitchen or the cool looking Shanghai Noodle and Siu Long Bao (Dragon-I). We choose the Shanghai food as I had tried the Vietnamese food many times. We have to take a number as the queue is pretty long, and wonder off to a kite shop where Wynn plan to give Mei Ru a kite as present. Though some of them are really nice, but they are too expensive as well. Then I bring Wynn to this clay shop where I had bought some clays but haven’t find time to make them.

Finally, it is dinnertime. I ordered quite a few dishes, as I have not been to this restaurant before. We have Shanghai Pork Rib Ramen, Shanghai Fried Nin Gou (年糕), Shanghai Siu Long Bau (小笼包) and Longan Hang Yan Tao Foo Far. The meal is pretty good, and the environment is pretty sophisticated with proper segmentation. They have area for big family dines out with big round table in big cubicles; U-Shape cushion-style for small groups of friends; and normal table for couple or a pack of four. I like Shanghai Fried Nin Gou, and it tasted almost like Min Fan Gou (面粉糕); The soup of the Shanghai Pork Rib Ramen is clear but unique; Shanghai Siu Long Bau is quite a disappointment as they have leakage of the soup within; and Longan Hang Yan Tao Foo Far had heavy Hang Yan smell which smell like preservative. Overall, it is still not bad, except for the crowd in peak hours on holidays.

We watched The Promise, (无极) which had a lousy storyline but interesting settings and characters. You could forget about the story, as it is pretty much pointless. The movie has nice scene and colourful costume, and some outrages stuff happening here and there. I am a sucker for these mythical war movies, so I quite like it. Wynn kinda find it pointless and lousy, which is true.

After the movie, it is suppertime again. Since Wynn can’t sleep early nowadays (insomnia), we might as well extend the night a bit. She bought me to this supper place in SS2, where the environment is pretty nice but noisy (a lot of people celebrating birthday and playing games). They have quite a number of games around for the customer, such as many variety of board games, cards, dices and wooden block. We kill some time playing "dum" until we can get our hands on the wooden block. We had quite some fun there.

I woke up late the next morning for work, and the thought of taking EL cross my mind as it is raining (perfect weather for sleep). Thinking the traffic might be good; I drag my lazy ass up in the end. I didn’t realised my sister is on holiday today, so she didn’t act as my backup alarm clock. I woke up almost eight, and manage to reach office before nine, not bad at all.

There goes my post Chiang Mai experience, which is filled with many plans and activities. A little bit too busy and packed perhaps, but not bad at all. Might be a busy week ahead, as I have to travel to Kuantan for another wedding dinner during the New Year weekend. I guess no countdown and clubbing for me this time.

Year End Celebration Part I: Christmas Bash

It had been pretty much a very busy yearend, from post Chiang Mai business to the one week trip, to the Christmas Party Bash for almost 24 hours and a good night out. Then I have to drag my lazy ass to work on a perfect weather Tuesday morning (I overslept).

Outside SIAM SUN (Our Travel Agency) in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai trip had been really fun. We spent very little time in the town itself, and our trip consists mostly of nature adventure from mountain climbing to water rafting, with some sightseeing and shopping at the end. I really enjoyed the company and the trip, and have a lot to thank Tang for all the hard work in organising. There is a lot more to talk about the trip, which I shall save it for the next couple of entries. I have lots of video too, but that would have to wait for a while (busy schedule with little processing time).

Once I touch down at KLIA, I gave Mei Ru a call to confirm on my survival and the Christmas Party Bash. I have to rush back to prepare my fruit punch, and cleanup a bit and take a bath. I think the fruit punch turned out pretty all right, though not really great (it is my 1st time after all). The following is my recipe for serving of 7 people or more. I think Lim likes it the most.
  • 2 cups of Red Wine
  • 2 litre of Mango Juice
  • 1 litre of Orange Juice
  • 1 Squeezed Lemon
  • 1 Sliced Lemon
  • 1 Sliced Apple
  • 1 Sliced Orange
  • 1 Can of Lychee
Mei Ru and Mickey arrived on time with food, very nice of them. I like on time people a lot, so two thumbs up for them. They bring along Curry Chicken and Friend Bee Hoon, and some Christmas Hat as well (the normal cone shape one for guys, and rain deer horn for girls). The rest arrive one after another, and none of the managed to find my place without further assistant. I guess the map isn’t working very well. We have lots of cuttle fishball, fishball, crabball and sausage from Lim, and Longan Suet Yee Hoi Dai Ye Tong Sui from Chooi. Wynn prepared Coleslaw and Jelly, while Hank packed some roast chicken. We end up with really a lot of food.

XMAS Bash Group 2005

The 3 Rain Deers

Physical Game In Action

My Teddy Bear

After some feasting and chit chatting, we have some gift exchange going on. We have teddy bears (from Chooi to Me), pyramid pillow (from Hank to Mickey), a pair of pen (from Lim to Hank), rubber organs (from Mei Ru to Lim), cow-like telephone holder (from Me to Hank to Wynn), a jar of chocolate (from Wynn to Mei Ru) and a cute water bottle (from Mickey to Chooi). Mei Ru really spent time and effort to prepared quite a number of games for us, which turned out pretty alright. With her and Wynn’s ideas, it could probably keep us entertained until the next morning. Kinda difficult to explain on all the games we have, but it is pretty fun. The champion for the night is Hank and my brother, and they get to have Wasabi and Hot Chillies as reward (the usual winning in this part of the world). Hank got knocked out pretty fast and chooses to sleep, while my brother retreated to his own cave. One thing about Mei Ru is she is a big eater and a playful child. Perhaps her boyfriend is too serious; thus she let go of the wild and playful side of her whenever she is with us. As for the eating part, she is just a big eater blessed with a good figure.

XMAS Presents Combo 1

XMAS Presents Combo 2

Underwear Chrismas Cake

Most Playful Gift Award

Everyone crashed at my place last minute, luckily I have quite a number of pillows and mattress. We start cleaning around 3 A.M. and start playing in the room again as the girls felt pretty much awake. The guys sleep downstairs while the girls sleep at my sister’s room. Then we heard some great snoring sound from downstairs; thus we decide to save Hank and Chooi from the torture. Only Chooi need to be saved, as Hank is a deep sleeper who can survived the train-like snoring sound. We played a few rounds of Chor Tai D before I am knocked out and fall asleep.

Wasabi Torture for the Champion

Body Tattoo

Human Popia

We woke up in time for a late brunch. Somehow, everyone starts to choose Mei Ru as the victim for the morning fight. We have some pillow fight, wrestling, human popia wrapping and human pig roasting. After brunch, we continue with more chit chatting and human tattooing (still with Mei Ru as the preferred victim). After long hours of good fun and entertainment, we have to call it a day after a good ice-cream meal. This Christmas had been special and fun, and I shall remember it for a long time to come. Thank you everyone, especially Mei Ru the organiser, and many others co-organiser as well.

Photo Link: Wynn's DropShot 1, 2