Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Year End Celebration Part I: Christmas Bash

It had been pretty much a very busy yearend, from post Chiang Mai business to the one week trip, to the Christmas Party Bash for almost 24 hours and a good night out. Then I have to drag my lazy ass to work on a perfect weather Tuesday morning (I overslept).

Outside SIAM SUN (Our Travel Agency) in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai trip had been really fun. We spent very little time in the town itself, and our trip consists mostly of nature adventure from mountain climbing to water rafting, with some sightseeing and shopping at the end. I really enjoyed the company and the trip, and have a lot to thank Tang for all the hard work in organising. There is a lot more to talk about the trip, which I shall save it for the next couple of entries. I have lots of video too, but that would have to wait for a while (busy schedule with little processing time).

Once I touch down at KLIA, I gave Mei Ru a call to confirm on my survival and the Christmas Party Bash. I have to rush back to prepare my fruit punch, and cleanup a bit and take a bath. I think the fruit punch turned out pretty all right, though not really great (it is my 1st time after all). The following is my recipe for serving of 7 people or more. I think Lim likes it the most.
  • 2 cups of Red Wine
  • 2 litre of Mango Juice
  • 1 litre of Orange Juice
  • 1 Squeezed Lemon
  • 1 Sliced Lemon
  • 1 Sliced Apple
  • 1 Sliced Orange
  • 1 Can of Lychee
Mei Ru and Mickey arrived on time with food, very nice of them. I like on time people a lot, so two thumbs up for them. They bring along Curry Chicken and Friend Bee Hoon, and some Christmas Hat as well (the normal cone shape one for guys, and rain deer horn for girls). The rest arrive one after another, and none of the managed to find my place without further assistant. I guess the map isn’t working very well. We have lots of cuttle fishball, fishball, crabball and sausage from Lim, and Longan Suet Yee Hoi Dai Ye Tong Sui from Chooi. Wynn prepared Coleslaw and Jelly, while Hank packed some roast chicken. We end up with really a lot of food.

XMAS Bash Group 2005

The 3 Rain Deers

Physical Game In Action

My Teddy Bear

After some feasting and chit chatting, we have some gift exchange going on. We have teddy bears (from Chooi to Me), pyramid pillow (from Hank to Mickey), a pair of pen (from Lim to Hank), rubber organs (from Mei Ru to Lim), cow-like telephone holder (from Me to Hank to Wynn), a jar of chocolate (from Wynn to Mei Ru) and a cute water bottle (from Mickey to Chooi). Mei Ru really spent time and effort to prepared quite a number of games for us, which turned out pretty alright. With her and Wynn’s ideas, it could probably keep us entertained until the next morning. Kinda difficult to explain on all the games we have, but it is pretty fun. The champion for the night is Hank and my brother, and they get to have Wasabi and Hot Chillies as reward (the usual winning in this part of the world). Hank got knocked out pretty fast and chooses to sleep, while my brother retreated to his own cave. One thing about Mei Ru is she is a big eater and a playful child. Perhaps her boyfriend is too serious; thus she let go of the wild and playful side of her whenever she is with us. As for the eating part, she is just a big eater blessed with a good figure.

XMAS Presents Combo 1

XMAS Presents Combo 2

Underwear Chrismas Cake

Most Playful Gift Award

Everyone crashed at my place last minute, luckily I have quite a number of pillows and mattress. We start cleaning around 3 A.M. and start playing in the room again as the girls felt pretty much awake. The guys sleep downstairs while the girls sleep at my sister’s room. Then we heard some great snoring sound from downstairs; thus we decide to save Hank and Chooi from the torture. Only Chooi need to be saved, as Hank is a deep sleeper who can survived the train-like snoring sound. We played a few rounds of Chor Tai D before I am knocked out and fall asleep.

Wasabi Torture for the Champion

Body Tattoo

Human Popia

We woke up in time for a late brunch. Somehow, everyone starts to choose Mei Ru as the victim for the morning fight. We have some pillow fight, wrestling, human popia wrapping and human pig roasting. After brunch, we continue with more chit chatting and human tattooing (still with Mei Ru as the preferred victim). After long hours of good fun and entertainment, we have to call it a day after a good ice-cream meal. This Christmas had been special and fun, and I shall remember it for a long time to come. Thank you everyone, especially Mei Ru the organiser, and many others co-organiser as well.

Photo Link: Wynn's DropShot 1, 2

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meiru said...

hey, I didn't eat a lot at the xmas party wor. hhehe.. I don't think I am a big eater la, it's only that I like to eat a lot of things, but all in small portion..hehehe..