Friday, December 09, 2005

I Have a Dream. What does it means?

Recently I have been in quite a dreamy mood, as I dreamt a lot. Most of the time I forgot about them when I woke up (I got a feelings on the dream, but just couldn’t recall the detail), but sometimes the dream are just “memorable” (it is a miracle, I actually remember them). I think dreams is actually a very special and unique behaviour of human, where there are so many ways we could interpret our dreams. We might think that it is just crap, or perhaps it is something on our mind, or it is a prophecy, or it is something from our past life, …

A few days ago, I remembered a dream. The setting is a hospital, and the environment seems so familiar, as I dreamt about this hospital before. There are many hospital staff around, but I don’t remember seeing any patient. I just remember socialising with the staff, and attending a staff meeting in an auditorium, nothing special. Suddenly the scene got transferred to a Sport Day, where I participated in a 100-M dash (it involves running, not sure how many metres). I was running in front, and could see the shadow of the person behind closing up, thus I use all my energy to sprint harder and stretch my hand to reach the end banner. I won, and I was so happy (as I was not really good in sports, thus I am a bit surprise). A lot of people seem to be very happy for me. When I turn around, I notice the person behind me is a girl. Though I felt surprised, but “me in the dream” doesn’t and went on to hug her. Somehow, the dream just ended, and I remembered it.

In the morning while going to work with my sister, I talk about my dream with her. I wonder why I dreamt about the same hospital twice. Being a Taoist wannabe (or is one already), she would talk about past life and reincarnation stuff. Then I started thinking, I could be a girl in my past life, since the runner behind me is a girl as well. Perhaps a nurse or doctor working in the hospital. Is this dream really meaningful? If it is, I can’t seems to figure it out yet.

I still remember of scolding someone in one of my dream, and I went to apologised to her the next day. Somehow, I kinda felt bad. Maybe I am prejudice of her, and my dream reminds me of that.

So, dream is really quite fun, though most of the time I have some very illogical dreams. I guess I am on dreaming spree, yeah!

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