Thursday, January 31, 2008

Technicality in Making Millions

I remember flipping through the pages about e-Myth, I realize that I am not quite a Business Person, but more Technical. Now I am here trying to create a business using my technical skill, and the future might not sounds very promising. So, how much of a businessman I need to become in order to succeed in the world of business (or just plain making money)?

Of cause we have successful business man like Richard Branson or Donald Trump, which I am nothing like them. Maybe Warren Buffet is fundamentally a technical person? Then we have a technical person who is good in business, such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jerry Yang. Luckily we have the more technical billionaire co-founder such as Paul Allen, Steve Wozniak and David Filo.

Is there still hope? Somehow in the world of Internet and Technology, technicality and innovation do play an important role and could make you rich. Having said that, every successful business still needs a very sound businessman to run the business. So my question is, when should we take in a business person to run the business like a business, rather than just riding on passion and chaos?

Not that long ago, 1 person is interested to invest in MMW Property while the other want to bet his money in MMW Food. I was motivated by the idea of taking in cash and expand the business. After thinking for a while, I kinda feel that perhaps it’s not the time yet.

Why not take the money (and run), haha:
  • I do feel the business idea is good, but I haven’t managed to prove anything or show any success yet. In my mind, I feel uneasy accepting money from friends (stranger is fine with me) unless I am quite certain that I won’t burnt your cash.
  • I am quite worry about corporation, bureaucracy, partnership and responsibilities towards shareholders might take the fun and innovation out of the project. Currently I am driven by passion and dream, and perhaps I am running away from the business aspects of things.
  • Commitment. When someone pay me to do something, I feel the need to deliver my time, effort and result. With my freelancing and teaching engagements, I think it might be a bit unfair to them. I can’t show up in the weekly meeting saying I didn’t do a thing for the entire week (or wanted go to Annapurna for 2 weeks), or pretend to have done something.
  • I feel like venturing freely for a little while longer, do whatever next business idea that comes to my mind without going through meetings and approvals, as long as I can still afford it (and time is catching up as well)
  • I am not sure I would get the Business help I am looking for. I need not just money, I need help to run the business.

I do believe I need to be “corporatise” sometime in the future, run the business in a more “professional” way. There is a chance I am running away from commitment and challenges, which is not very good. No matter how much business or marketing tricks I learn, deep down I am still a technical person.

Deep in my heart, I always wanted a business which is small and lean. Make enough money to support my lifestyle, but don’t consume too much of my time or gave me more headaches (idea huh? but whatever the mind can conceived, it is possible). Make the business fun and unconventionally, and I don’t need to be a billionaire (perhaps a few millions in my lifetime – they said you could earned RM 1 million easily through employment nowadays, and our country have 4000++ of million dollar EPF holders).

Let me live my dream for a while to see what I can do about it :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Skill Academy: Teacher, Tutor and a lot of Passion & Patience wanted

The Skill Academy is a school for lovely children with autism and learning difficulties in Subang Jaya. The school focuses on academic teaching (English, Science, Math, Computer, etc) in the morning, followed by a variety of outdoor activities (taekwondo, swimming, badminton, dancing and etc). Sometimes they have weekend activities such as art and craft, baking or field trip.

We are looking for a Teacher or Tutor with the following qualifications and responsibilities

* Passion for Teaching with lots of Patience
* Education background would be nice (but not necessary)
* Ability to teach basic Computer, English, Science or Math
* Knowledgeable in using Microsoft Office and Internet (for Computer Teacher/Tutor)
* Preferably able to drive


* Part time or full time positions are available
* The level of teaching ranged from Primary School Level up to early Secondary School Level
* Teaching adolescence and prepare them to enter the workforce
* Engage in teaching the children in the morning session (about 7-9 children per class)
* Monitor the children during activities in the afternoon session (there will be a professional teacher around)

* Lunch is provided daily

Interested Candidates do email your resume to

The Skill Academy
No. 40, 40A & 40B, Jalan SS15/4B,
Subang Jaya, 47500 Petaling Jaya.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Work for Money or Passion

I know is a fact that most people don’t get to do what they love to do, so they do their job just for the sake of surviving. Some people do it to get the money to fund what they love to do at a later stage. Of cause, some would never get to do what they love to do.

Now I am somewhere in the middle. Half of the time, I do things to generate enough money to survive. The other half of the time, I do something I really like. While switching in between, I observe the following.

When doing something I love, I am extremely motivated, regardless of how little it pays. I can wake up early, spend less time with the TV, working on my favorite project the whole day without much procrastination stopping me in between. I can even work through the night, yet feel extremely energetic and productive. I guess that is the wonder when work meets passion, magic do happens.

When doing something just for the money, the motivation level drop quite drastically. I tend to avoid doing the work, thus waking up late or watch TV for longer hours, and even procrastinate more often (or steal sometime to do my pet project). If I am require to go out and work, then I could still be productive at a normal level. If I am to work at home, then the morale and productivity level is way near the bottom.

Since I have the choice, of cause we would like to do something that we love to do. So it’s very important for the things we love to do be able to support us.

But until that day, I really have to find a way to balance up and avoid being a brat spoiled of choices. It’s money. And most importantly, you need money to fund your dreams. Dream and Passion is important, but need to be supported by practicality.

But isn’t genius usually is an extreme psycho or chaotic person which break all rules and norm? I guess I am not quite a Genius then. And luckily, you don’t have to be a genius to be successful, just that I don’t get to put my name in history.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Between Constitution and Law

What do you think is the different between Vision, Goal, Objective or Mission? What about resolution, principal, motto, believe, religion, instinct? What I do know is the different between Law and Constitution. The first one is exact technical things which you can do or shouldn’t do, and the later is a simple but powerful guide to determine what the right thing to do is.

I believe some things are at a macro level, while some are at micro level. Some are rule which you are supposed to follow, which you might have no idea why you should follow it. While others, is a guidance, to serve as the beacon to guide you towards the light.

Most of the time, we live by the law and rule, until we have forgotten the meaning of life. Yes, we need the actual methods and formulas to do things. But, I think we need to be guided by something higher, better and less rigid. I think a Religion might act like a Constitution, but the Bible/Quran might be too much like a Book of Law. I want the spirit and believe, not the exact instruction on how to live my life.

Nowadays, I believe in Believe and Hope. Maybe supported by Passion, then some Planning, and the exact Execution. At the end, is the Believe in Hope which could actually guide me for the long run. Without the much need believe, I don’t think we can achieve anything in life. Sometimes we wanted to do something, but we might not believe it in (maybe slightly, thus we give it a try). But at some point, we really need to believe to get it working, else it is just another trial.

If you don’t strongly believe there is something at the end which you want, which you could actually touch and feel it, I wonder what is driving you there (or where).

You can only put your mind and heart to it, after you believe it.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bujang Melaka

Bujang Melaka is one tough mountain which we under estimated (thinking it was just a small potato). It’s steep all the way, and it took us 3 hours and got lost to a place with iron bullet casing (we didn’t reach the peak or camp site). I was told the journey to the campsite took 5 hours, while the peak could be 8 hours.

Camping at Fong's Place

Durian All The Way

Outside Orang Asli House

It had a nice river stream just at the entrance, seems like a favorite spot for the local. BTW, this place is full with durian tree, and you could actually pick a few up along the way. The intake of durian makes my body extremely heaty along the way, not to mention the hot weather. Bujang Melaka is in Kampar.

Group Photo, In-Front of the Iron Bullet Casing


Photo Links: Mei Ru's Multiply

Bukit Merah + Penang + Ipoh + Singapore

Why such a hectic traveling schedule? I have no idea, but certainly one of a kind experience :)

Lunch at Tin Jun Ipoh

Bukit Merah, basically almost a dead town

Bukit Merah Water Park, quite some fun there

Dinner with Hui Peng and Sister

Montessori Seminar at Raffles Clubhouse, Singapore

Renovated Clarke/Boat Quary Singapore, Multiple Thumbs Up

Meeting Evelyn

Meeting Andrew & GF, and we missed our bus after the Thai Tea

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Art in Motion Annual Dinner & Dance 2007

Another year of dancing, another year of dance dinner. Nothing much changes this year, still being hold at Selangor Club which I hated so much, haha.

A few dancers got more matured and better in the dancing skills, such as Steve and Lily, Pang and Partner, Edison and Cherry. This year new comer is Li Mun and Partner, who taken private lessons and performs gracefully. Maybe before I stop taking anymore dance lesson, should have this once in a life time performance for a nice and memorable closing.

Not quite in the mod for dancing that night, as I was tired rushing back from Penang in the day. Nevertheless, another good night of dancing :)
Then I have the Most Memorable Dance Performance as far, as we screw up really badly in our Cha-Cha Combo Samba 3P Performance. I guess it could only be memorable if we do it superbly, or extremely badly.

Photo Links: Mich's Multiply

Penang Jazz Festival

Penang Jazz Festival is quite an interesting event with International Jazz performers arriving with different styles, language and instruments of performance. The highlight would be the outdoor concert. I was not really a fan of Jazz, but I would really amazed by their performance and the atmosphere at the concert. It’s nice and enjoyable. Sitting on the grass, enjoy the music and feeling the gentle sea breeze.

It's definitely a good excuse to visit Penang again :)

Self Employment

Someone: Which company do you work for?
Me: I am self employed.
Someone: WOW

It makes me wonder why the WOW factor. It is because
  • They admire the courage to actually venture off into self employment
  • They thought I must be making tons of money
  • It’s not an answer they are expecting
I thought everyone would like to become a boss one day, but then again, some are not interested, and some are not willing to take the path.

When I say self employment, I meant starting a business alone, without partners or employees. Traditionally, starting a small business with a group and friends and employ a few juniors would be the way to go, but that didn’t work well for me in my last try. Besides, the cost of IT employment had gone up significantly and less supply (of good programmer) in the market; thus it would be harder for small startup to survive and get started. It’s a good time to be in employment or to be a freelancer actually.

So I need to improvise to create a business model which need the least manpower, and slowly reduce my participating hours in the business while still maintain the income stream. Then it would be a real business, no longer an act of self employment. Between more freedom and more money, I would choose more freedom, as long as my basic financial needs are met.

Perks of being Self Employment
  • You get to decide what business to venture in
  • You get to OLK (One Leg Kick) in Sales, Marketing, Technical, Management, Strategize, etc
  • Your success and failure is your responsibility alone and you can’t blame the bosses or management or company
  • You don’t do stupid things just because you are asked to do so
  • Freedom in time management, so that you could wake up late and work through the nights.
Downside of Self Employment
  • You don’t get colleagues, group lunches, company events and outings
  • You don’t get free EPF, Insurance, Allowance, etc
  • You don’t get sent to paid overseas assignment (at least I don’t)
  • It could be demoralizing at times, or too much freedom and lack of discipline could get in the way
Actually what is the essence of successful self employment? I REALLY need to BELIEVE in what I am doing :)


Another year just slip passes my finger looking at the many unfulfilled resolution from last year. Happy New Year :)

I heard of a suggestion of why bother creating New Year resolution, since you won’t make it anyway. But can we actually move forward without goals? Or we can’t even move forward with goals either?

So I am going to do it slightly different this year. Rather than another list of New Year resolution and goals to be accomplished, I would want to dedicate 2008 to certain things in life.

I decide to dedicate the year 2008 to the following
  • Financial Independence. Having said that is to create income or to build reserve which allows me to enjoy life without the need to worry about money. In another way, to increase the number of days I could survive without working, to at least 10 years, haha. Perhaps then I could plan something else.
  • Fun. I guess the enjoyment of life is pretty important to me nowadays, so I need to keep up the Mountain Trekking and Holiday Travel. Perhaps a few more mountains, and touring to Hong Kong, Bali, Seam Reap or Pinnacles.
  • Balance of Life. The need for good health, family, love, dream, passion, work and lots of satisfaction. Basically, it to be able to do things without regret.

That’s about it, to have the money, women and lot of booze, HAHA.