Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Another year just slip passes my finger looking at the many unfulfilled resolution from last year. Happy New Year :)

I heard of a suggestion of why bother creating New Year resolution, since you won’t make it anyway. But can we actually move forward without goals? Or we can’t even move forward with goals either?

So I am going to do it slightly different this year. Rather than another list of New Year resolution and goals to be accomplished, I would want to dedicate 2008 to certain things in life.

I decide to dedicate the year 2008 to the following
  • Financial Independence. Having said that is to create income or to build reserve which allows me to enjoy life without the need to worry about money. In another way, to increase the number of days I could survive without working, to at least 10 years, haha. Perhaps then I could plan something else.
  • Fun. I guess the enjoyment of life is pretty important to me nowadays, so I need to keep up the Mountain Trekking and Holiday Travel. Perhaps a few more mountains, and touring to Hong Kong, Bali, Seam Reap or Pinnacles.
  • Balance of Life. The need for good health, family, love, dream, passion, work and lots of satisfaction. Basically, it to be able to do things without regret.

That’s about it, to have the money, women and lot of booze, HAHA.

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meiru said...

ohhhh... why "women"?? one not enough ar? >:(