Monday, January 21, 2008

Work for Money or Passion

I know is a fact that most people don’t get to do what they love to do, so they do their job just for the sake of surviving. Some people do it to get the money to fund what they love to do at a later stage. Of cause, some would never get to do what they love to do.

Now I am somewhere in the middle. Half of the time, I do things to generate enough money to survive. The other half of the time, I do something I really like. While switching in between, I observe the following.

When doing something I love, I am extremely motivated, regardless of how little it pays. I can wake up early, spend less time with the TV, working on my favorite project the whole day without much procrastination stopping me in between. I can even work through the night, yet feel extremely energetic and productive. I guess that is the wonder when work meets passion, magic do happens.

When doing something just for the money, the motivation level drop quite drastically. I tend to avoid doing the work, thus waking up late or watch TV for longer hours, and even procrastinate more often (or steal sometime to do my pet project). If I am require to go out and work, then I could still be productive at a normal level. If I am to work at home, then the morale and productivity level is way near the bottom.

Since I have the choice, of cause we would like to do something that we love to do. So it’s very important for the things we love to do be able to support us.

But until that day, I really have to find a way to balance up and avoid being a brat spoiled of choices. It’s money. And most importantly, you need money to fund your dreams. Dream and Passion is important, but need to be supported by practicality.

But isn’t genius usually is an extreme psycho or chaotic person which break all rules and norm? I guess I am not quite a Genius then. And luckily, you don’t have to be a genius to be successful, just that I don’t get to put my name in history.

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