Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bujang Melaka

Bujang Melaka is one tough mountain which we under estimated (thinking it was just a small potato). It’s steep all the way, and it took us 3 hours and got lost to a place with iron bullet casing (we didn’t reach the peak or camp site). I was told the journey to the campsite took 5 hours, while the peak could be 8 hours.

Camping at Fong's Place

Durian All The Way

Outside Orang Asli House

It had a nice river stream just at the entrance, seems like a favorite spot for the local. BTW, this place is full with durian tree, and you could actually pick a few up along the way. The intake of durian makes my body extremely heaty along the way, not to mention the hot weather. Bujang Melaka is in Kampar.

Group Photo, In-Front of the Iron Bullet Casing


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