Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Art in Motion Annual Dinner & Dance 2007

Another year of dancing, another year of dance dinner. Nothing much changes this year, still being hold at Selangor Club which I hated so much, haha.

A few dancers got more matured and better in the dancing skills, such as Steve and Lily, Pang and Partner, Edison and Cherry. This year new comer is Li Mun and Partner, who taken private lessons and performs gracefully. Maybe before I stop taking anymore dance lesson, should have this once in a life time performance for a nice and memorable closing.

Not quite in the mod for dancing that night, as I was tired rushing back from Penang in the day. Nevertheless, another good night of dancing :)
Then I have the Most Memorable Dance Performance as far, as we screw up really badly in our Cha-Cha Combo Samba 3P Performance. I guess it could only be memorable if we do it superbly, or extremely badly.

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