Thursday, January 10, 2008

Between Constitution and Law

What do you think is the different between Vision, Goal, Objective or Mission? What about resolution, principal, motto, believe, religion, instinct? What I do know is the different between Law and Constitution. The first one is exact technical things which you can do or shouldn’t do, and the later is a simple but powerful guide to determine what the right thing to do is.

I believe some things are at a macro level, while some are at micro level. Some are rule which you are supposed to follow, which you might have no idea why you should follow it. While others, is a guidance, to serve as the beacon to guide you towards the light.

Most of the time, we live by the law and rule, until we have forgotten the meaning of life. Yes, we need the actual methods and formulas to do things. But, I think we need to be guided by something higher, better and less rigid. I think a Religion might act like a Constitution, but the Bible/Quran might be too much like a Book of Law. I want the spirit and believe, not the exact instruction on how to live my life.

Nowadays, I believe in Believe and Hope. Maybe supported by Passion, then some Planning, and the exact Execution. At the end, is the Believe in Hope which could actually guide me for the long run. Without the much need believe, I don’t think we can achieve anything in life. Sometimes we wanted to do something, but we might not believe it in (maybe slightly, thus we give it a try). But at some point, we really need to believe to get it working, else it is just another trial.

If you don’t strongly believe there is something at the end which you want, which you could actually touch and feel it, I wonder what is driving you there (or where).

You can only put your mind and heart to it, after you believe it.

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