Friday, January 26, 2007

How you wanna live your life?

Today just got an email from an old friend (not a “real” email, but a “forwarded” mail) about “Be Yourself”. I don’t usually view forwarded mails nowadays, but since it is quite rare to receive something from her, so I decided to give it a look.

I think it is something about how we should enjoy our life, rather than living for the sake of living. About how people who accomplish exceptional result would end up sacrificing other part of their life, including family or health. How we should have a balance life and alike, not setting too high of a target or objectives in life. Comparing this with my previous post, I realize there are two cults. One is a believer on setting targets and achieves more with life, and the other is about how we should enjoy life and appreciate what we have.

As we read and learn more, found that there are many beliefs, ideas, disciplines, and teachings of different kind in this world. Each has their own reasons to exist, but neither is really right or wrong. Sometimes with so many options and advices, it confuses us on what we want to become or believes in. Then it prompted me again to think, how do I want to live my life?

Some says we should be appreciative of what we have. If we are not happy with what we have at the moment, we won’t be happy even though when we get more. Then it prompted me to think? Does a millionaire have the vision to be a millionaire in the first place, or he never thought of that before and continuing doing his work until he “accidentally” hit the jack pot? Does it really matter? Haha. To set an objective or not?

Basically I think I am a lucky person, and probably a spoilt brat as well. Perhaps God intend to give me a good life, making sure I am comfy. But at the same time, I am afraid my comfortness might corrupt me. Thus I feel the need to do more with my life, to accomplish something. Why always with the money? Perhaps it is easy to measure, and we need money to survive. But one thing is true, a balance life is required. Anyway, if I did screwed up my life, I have only myself to blame.

PS: Today I watch a movie about Magazine publishing, could it be fun?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Food Project

MMW Food is my second pet project after MMW Property, where she had finally gone live about 1 month ago (we had archived more than 100 delicious food to date).

MMW Property is more serious, more numerical which much potential for statistical analysis. But I doubt most people actually buy a property based on statistical market information (probably is because they have no easy access to such information), but mostly people buy a property based on:
  • Familiarity with a neighborhood
  • Recommendation by friends and family
  • Seduced by the sales talk and show unit
Of course, we are influenced by our budget and preference of a specific type of property (condominium or landed). My question is: will statistical data on the properties in a specific area help? I always thought it would be nice to know the growth rate or rental yield, at least I am sure of not paying too high of a price for my dream house. But the realisation of that idea is still far away, for now I have just have to settle with the archiving of new property projects in Malaysia (the first baby steps at least).

MMW Food is more leisure, finding the best place to eat based on recommendations by Bloggers. We all like to eat, haha. Can’t find a nice place to dine with your wife for the anniversary? Want to treat your girlfriend for a nice romantic dinner? Where to bring your family to get some cheap and delicious Chinese food? MMW Food is meant to help food lovers to find some new places to eat during the weekends (we got bored of the same place pretty fast). How well will this work? I don’t know, but at least it gave you some options and recommendations by people who ate there before. It should get better and better as the list grows.

Sometimes working on all these pet projects is actually quite fun, but the effort required might not be quite justifiable as you can’t make much money out of it. Perhaps many years down the road it might get more popular and serve its purpose better, or I might have give up on it and abandoned the idea. Besides, we have no idea whether we are doing it right or wrong. Venture Capitalist in Malaysia certainly doesn’t like the idea of portal and alike (imagine they forgo the opportunities to invest in MySpace, though there are many MySpace wannabe failure as well), so it’s up to the small timer like me to dream of something and make it into reality. You can say the idea is too common or I don’t actually have the financial muscle to actually make a difference, but I am a believer of small little “right” components could make a big difference (try to tell that to the VCs, haha). My only hope is that I could continue to put my heart into it to make them better and more relevant, and the web traffic would continue to rise and motive me to go further.

Life is a such, nothing is certain, you just have to continue until the day you die (either the heart of the body) before you could get a taste of the answer (it might not even be a complete answer).

Monday, January 22, 2007

What to do with my life?

People say blog is about me, myself and I. I agree with that. I am not really a journalist who talk about news, or an author who share my domain knowledge, and neither a reviewer who play with goodies. I just know about myself, what have I done and my thoughts. So my blog is mainly about me, my life, my knowledge, my experience …

That apart, I have been thinking of what do I want to do with my life again. It’s still the beginning of the year, it is the season to ponder and re-sync our life with our dreams. Looking at my New Year resolution, I don’t felt really inspired. Though it is a good list of things to achieve, but there isn’t really any fun or excitement. It is a boring list. With no inspiration and excitement, only objectives and numbers.

What excites me? Travel around the world, yes! I remember I thought of a long travel experience inspired by Si Theng’s adventure in Spain. I remember to have a big travel plan at the age of 30 (that would be on the 7th November 2009), though might not be the world, but at least some part of it. To have a few months, experience some life overseas. Not really a vacation staying in comfortable hotels, but an adventure the life outside my home. Perhaps to work at the orchard or take up a course to learning something (Cooking? Art?), and travel around to experience life and culture. A big travel of a life time, back packing all the way, do the things I never done before.

In order to sponsor my “Big Travel of a Life Time”, I would need some extra cash (perhaps a Kancil or MyVii) to spare. Imagine spending a car in a few months time? Something which I would never thought of many years ago. Tang did it with a Kancil, I guess she reach this level in life faster than me. Now I understand why there is a need to spend the money and go travel: as a milestone, as an achievement, as a memory for many years to come, for an experience which shall not return again.

So, I have dream of becoming a millionaire by the age of 30 (again, the deadline is 7th November 2009). It’s a psychological level and milestone. It is possible, and there is a need to make it a reality. Not really for the money or the travel (just an excuse), but for me. To satisfy a dream since young, to prove my capability in turning a dream into reality, for achievement in life and feel proud of it.

Project “Millionaire by 30” is still quite a big dream. When our dream is too far away, we might give up on it, thinking it is not quite possible to achieve it. So, how about one step at a time, tackling my target for this year? I target for RM 100K for the past few years and had always missed it. I kinda get demoralised, and it seems like getting further and further away from me. How about 50K per year? Haha, that is pretty far from 1 million with another 3 years to go. So I need to earn RM 50K for year 1, RM 200K for year 2 and another RM 750K for year 3. So, the most important target is still to hit it for year 1, and do magic for year 2 and 3. It’s ironic that I did hit the RM 50K mark by employment, but not yet by entrepreneuring means.

Realistically, I really have no idea how to make it works. I could generally depend on my Software Business and Malaysia Most Wanted. I particularly like MMW, because it is a great deal of fun with good potential (long term business model, continuous building block). In fact the income had been growing by 100% for the past few months (though the total volume is not significant). So it is important for me to continue to build the foundation up and continue maintaining the momentum. Who knows, I might be able to create a web success myself and make wonders. Whenever there is time, don’t go day dreaming but to work on MWW instead!

As for the software business, it’s more traditional, though less exciting at times, but still a good business of my interest. It’s a different kind of exposure. Exposure to partnership, management, sales, team building and product development. The big brother always target 2 millions in revenue by end of the year, so some magic might happens with the synergy among us. King of Software Customisation is our short term goals, and perhaps capable to be a product company at a later stage. According to the book on Software Business, service or product company have an equal chance of success. It’s not to be a service or product company, but how much emphasis on one type of business over the other over times. So, this shall be my full time engagement.

The rest of the incomes have to depend on my teaching pocket money and the faithful share market.

Through perseverance and some luck, it might still seem possible to pull it off by 30 :)

Hardship, have I?

The fate of the middle class, you never quite experience luxury, yet you won’t get poverty, right in the middle with a comfortable lifestyle? Is it good or bad? I guess people are again dissatisfied with their current situation, haha. Never know how to appreciate a good life, always looking for something more, or less.

Come to think of it, I never quite experience any hardship in my life. Childhood is pretty alright, don’t have to do hard labor, nor need to work during the school holidays, just need to focus on the studies so I can get into a good university and find a good job (as least, that is what my dad told me). His idea is very simple: it’s his responsibility to make sure that we at least get a graduate degree, so that we can be independent and make a living on our own. I guess he is right, and he had done his job well.

The only time I experience some hardship, is probably the first time I get some independence. To leave my hometown and went to the city of KL to further my education. I get to rent a room, have roommates, eat out everyday, get my own transport to school, and basically take care of every aspect of my life, on my own. No more home cook meal, no more cleaning and laundry services from mom, no one telling me to do my homework and perhaps experience some minor degree of loneliness. I wouldn’t exactly call this a hardship, but at least it’s the first time I get to be independent. Anyway, I found this to be a good training for life. Though I am still protected and taken care of in some small ways, but I am pretty much on my own most of the time (though I could still reach my sister in time of emergency). The experience is good for me, and I actually like it and appreciate it. I guess it makes me a better person in some small ways, and I feel freedom and independence at the same time. I have a life, all by my own. I get to be naughty, and I get to be good, and I am solely responsible for my well being. I guess it is always good for a child to leave their parents and to be on their own, for some point in life.

After my college and working for a while, I got back to stay with my brother and sister, so that the family can come together again. My parents move near to us soon after, so I am no longer independent, and be homey again. I guess without me noticing the whole transition period, I am getting comfortable again. So life is good.

So why should I complaint if life is too good? I dunno. Perhaps staying with the family make me feel like a child, a kid? Perhaps I want to get hold of my own life, to create something for myself, and to feel the challenge and hardship of life, and be independent again. Can’t you do that while staying with your family? Theoretically it is possible, but I don’t think I am determined ebough to trick my mind into convincing myself to go through some hardship. If I can’t change myself, I have to change the environment. I feel too comfy, I feel the need for a training of life, an adventure of life, to feel the need to work hard and survive, to be independent and feel the independence.

I once thought of working overseas or at least to find a job in Singapore, and that plan didn’t turn out very well. I kinda envy people who gets to travel around the world, even though it is a working trip. Now I am out of employment and starting a business, to expand the business to overseas be an even harder route to embark on. What kind of adventure should I take on, or what kind of hardship should I embark on. Starting a business is quite an adventure as well, but at times, it doesn’t feel really refreshing. Perhaps I am still feeling comfortable, taking my time and not really having a “rock and roll” kind of adventure in life. What do I want actually? A real life adventure perhaps. Perhaps I feel the need to do more with my life, rather watching TV or sleeping. There must be more excitement than this, more meaningful things to do, more satisfaction to achieve.

I guess I have yet to find it yet.

Is Simple Life possible?

Is it possible to live our life in the following manner?
  • Free your heart from hatred.
  • Free your mind from worries.
  • Live simply.
  • Give more.
  • Expect less.
Is it possible for us to decide on our own happiness disregard of what is happening around us? Can't we disregard what we don't have or had lost, and be thankful for the things we have?

I also wonder how I had lived my life. How much do I expect and how much do I actually give, and how simple or complicated I am. And how much hatred or worry do I actually hold within me.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

For Strength and Honour

Today I watch Gladiator the movie again, about Aelius Maximus Decimus Meridius (a.k.a Maximus, The Spaniard). To me, it is not about the war, the fighting, the blood or the revenge. It is about the strength, the honour, the need for righteousness, about humility, about not doing evil, about the good old story on how the right shall prevail.

I still remember how we are thought about Moral in school, the principle of right and wrong. First and foremost, I think the subject is a total crap, as nobody actually learn moral from a book where its sole purpose is to teach moral. For god sack, just drop the damn subject and save the sanity of thousand of students in the country. The subject serve not practical purpose (fiction one perhaps), and it achieve nothing. Do you actually believe someone would actually have more moral after going through the book? Do you think people actually have more ethics after studying about business ethics? Do you actually think people will change just because the book says so? Moral is built upon good example, real life role modal, influence from religion, inspiration from story and movie, the righteousness instil since we are young. Moral need role modals, moral need inspiration. And most of all, there is no perfectness in morality, as to err is human. The society can be so unforgiving at times, but isn’t forgiveness and merciful a good virtue?

I have no plan to become a moral role model for someone, but I shall try my best to maintain strength and honour. I never quite understand the importance of moral virtue, about righteousness, about honour or dignity. I know what they are, but I couldn’t quite understand or feel them. To what extend will you actually do to make more money? Will you cheat? Will you tell lies? Will you tell white lies? Will you hurt someone? Will you not take care of the interest of the opposite party? Will you bribe? Will you go against the law? Will do evil? Will you work against moral and ethics? Will you go against your principles, or do you have any? Have you actually done some minor evil in the process of achieving your goals? How much are you willing to compromise? Where do you stand?

Of virtues and ethics, there is a lot of guidance out there. Plato's Symposium suggest the Four Cardinal Virtues - prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance. Besides that, we have the teaching of Aristotle or Confucianism, and many more. Do they have the influence to make us a better person; it is just another book after all. I have some confident that it might work better than the moral books we have in school. Perhaps what we need is slightly more inspiration, rather than just education.

I think we need our own set of virtues and principals to guide us through life, for work and relationship. I need Strength, Honour, Perseverance and Humility.
  • Strength to give me courage to embark on my journey, and to protect my beloved ones
  • Honour to prevent me from doing evil which might haunt my sleep every night
  • Perseverance to keep me going ad make sure I don’t give up
  • Humility to make sure I don’t go overboard and screw myself in the end

Monday, January 15, 2007

Of Purpose

I recently ask a business associate, what is his purpose of quitting a well paying job and be an entrepreneur? His answer is to make more money.

A long time ago, someone ask me what is the purpose of having a relationship with the opposite sex if not for the purpose of marriage?

I can’t say that they are wrong, but I don’t exactly felt very right about it as well. Though all businessmen want to make money, but I don’t think it should be the main thing that drives us. Making lots of money and become rich could be the end product, but it takes more than money to drive us there. Might it be the passion, or excitement, or to prove something, or to make a change, or the believe we can actually do it, or just something worth doing. Can be survive purely on the desire to make money, or on the passion to make something work? Don’t really have the answer for that yet. I guess it takes a little bit of everything, and perhaps one thing more than the other. Don’t quite have the recipe yet :)

Does starting a relationship means that it must end with a marriage, or have marriage in our mind in this first place? If everything goes well, it probably would naturally reach such a state. I always thought relationship is all about exploration, to know each other, to learn new things, to compromise and to have may hugs and kisses, haha. I guess relationship could be giving without guarantee of return, thus marriage is not part of the contract in the first place. What if marriage is expected to be given at the end of the road, even before the journey begin? Would this seems more like a business transaction? I guess marriage is kinda like a “taboo” word in the very beginning of a relationship, as the time is not right yet, and we are not prepared. If it came out too early, it could be a shock or stress. If it came out on the right time, it would be perfect, If it never show up for a very long time, it could be a problem as well. Of course, they are always people take the unconventional route of not getting married or not having babies. Is the purpose of a relationship is marriage? It could be the end product, but not necessary so in the beginning. It started with admiration and a bunch of good feelings.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


2006 had been quite a relaxing yet bumpy year. Again, it’s the time where I felt time flies really fast, slightly nostalgic, wondering what have I done and what more should I do. Since when did I have so many demands and dream to achieve?

January 2006 is the month where I start to evaluate last last year and plan for last year. It seems pretty good, hehe. Chin Chuan get married after Wei Kang (I get to go back to Kuatan after a long while), and I wonder when will I be capable of settling down. At that point of time, still trouble by potentially relationship issues. And finally, the relief of leaving my ex-company to get some fresh air and finally do something useful. Taking the first step to become a full time entrepreneur.

February is month with lots of thought, wondering about purpose of making money, about changes, about hope, about struggle, and about her. Finally setup a nice SOHO and buying expensive furniture (no regrets until now), while start teaching children at my cousin’s center.

March get to spend some crazy time with Wynn and Mei Ru. Got to bind an accomplishment contract for the first time which is due very soon. Have some fun while motivating myself to move on.

April is the moment in life and all about her, and Tioman is a lovely place.

May is the historical launching of Malaysia Most Wanted (my pet project), one down and many more to go. Having lots of dates, while trying to improve productivity.

June is a busy month while climbing of the beautiful Gunung Rajah, and also the Latin Dance exam. It is her birthday :)

July is trying to get motivate myself on the right track again, and also a nice trip at Ulu Langat Waterfall. A quick review of what I have done, still very much struggling and finding ways. Got myself into some communication turmoil, but it did bring out a lesson or two on life. Try my luck with Good Adsense and get addicted ever since. Got very enthusiastic about programming framework, and it’s time to learn something new and try to move to the next level in my craft.

August is a month of obsession with technicality, which I kinda miss and hate at the same time. Thinking about the concept of problogger, but it isn’t really for me. New blogger is available, but I can’t update until now, sucks. It’s a good month with productivity and achievement, but I land myself with my 1st car accident, and get to play the super fun paintball for the first time.

September is time for adventure, visiting Cameron with Chim and climb Gunung Charlie (looks like LOTR forest at the top). Astro showing loads of Anime and became one of my favorite laziness pastimes.

October is a busy month I supposed? And the beginning of a partnership. It is mid-autumn festival :)

November spell a new life in my entrepreneurial adventure, with more challenges ahead. And my birthday as well, with the 1st couple trip.

December is a time to reflect and think, and not the forget the beautiful Jelawang Waterfall and new year countdown.

This could be the most blog-able years of my life, immortalize a lot of important moments. I guess blogging is going downhill from now onwards, taken over by work and more life :)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Borrow Luck

Borrow Luck? Who would think of something so ridiculous? Have it got something to do with Feng Shui or Black Magic?

The fundamental belief is everyone has different level of luck, some people are just luckier than others. Imagine roulette gambling, by probability everyone has an equal chance of winning, but not everyone shall win or loose the same amount within the period of gambling. Some shall have be on winning streak, while some on loosing streak, and some might break even at the end. Since you guess is as good as mine, why not we bank on the lucky ones, or unlucky ones. Let’s assume Person L is on loosing steak all night long, thus I shall bet the opposite of this bet. If he goes for odd number, then I shall go for even. I know there is no scientific basis of what so ever, just solely based on the concept of luck. If Person W is on winning streak all night long, then I shall follow his bet. Do you think you shall have higher chances of winning by betting on luck?

In a corporate or business world, the concept is you shall always tag along with someone rich and successful (we assume these people should have better luck). It’s not that we want to ask them to give us money or what so ever, but the concept is we shall have a higher chance of success if we mix with successful people. Imagine you always tag along with Person S who is very successful, there are bound to be chances he would require your help in something or ask for a small favor, or there are some business too small for him that he would pass it to you, or he would like to explore some opportunity with you, or he could introduce some good contacts to you. We don’t actually require anything specific from that successful person, but just being around them would kind of bring you good luck as well by bringing in more opportunities. No one actually loose out in this case, but we are just helping each other.

The rich shall get richer, and the poor shall get poorer. It’s a vicious cycle or spiral, business don’t come to the people with the lowest price or best product. Business always land in the hand of people we perceived to be successful. When someone is lucky, when someone is on a winning streak, when someone is successful, when someone is confident, there is a certain good aura around them which makes people begging to give them business. When you are on loosing streak or ran out of luck, you would not have the glowing aura, or you might have the worrisome face, or you might not dress well or look confident, that people are doubtful of you and won’t even give you any business even though you beg them to do it for free.

Perhaps it got nothing to do with luck, or have very little to do with luck. But I do believe it is still a good thing if you always hang out with successful business, and they shall influence you to be successful one way or another. If you always hang out with whiner or looser, you shall end up exactly like them. Secondly, I believe the aura and impression of success is very important. People shall have more confident with you, believe in you more and more likely to give you an opportunity, because they believe you could make it a success. The good luck and bad luck thing is infectious and it propagates, and one thing affects another. When your business is bad, you start to have a worrisome face, might sounds desperate and beg for business, and the clients might push you further until you have no profit even if you get the business by begging. When your business is good, you start to portray a confident face, you dress well and clients actually want to give you the business.

Again, perhaps it got nothing to do with luck but more with attitude and character. What we must do to keep the good things happening, and keep at the bad things away. Do you actually bank on the concept of luck?

Business Cent: Run a software company like low cost carrier

While having breakfast with my brother, I discuss the pricing problem faced by software solution provider. Let’s assume you are a software freelancer and you charge RM 300 for one day of work (mandays), and the maximum you could earn is RM 300 x 20 = RM 6,000 per month. Bear in mind you probably won’t get paid for everyday of the month due to non-payable work (like administration, meeting, delays, laziness, etc) and lack of jobs. You could probably get RM 2,000-4,000 per month on average, which should be quite alright if you are still below age of 25. As you get older with a more demanding lifestyles and loans, and plus inflation (think of toll and petrol hike), it would be necessary to raise the mandays rate to RM 400 or 500 in order to have a comfortable living. But as you raise your rate, there would be less company who could afford or willing to pay your rates, thus you loose out on some business. As usual, there would always be more fresh graduates who are willing to throw prices for some extra pocket money.

Let’s imagine you are a company with a physical establishment and employees, and then it would be impossible for you to offer a rate of RM 300. The running cost of company is much higher than of freelancer, with rental, software licenses, utilities with corporate rates, office furniture, supply and maintenance, salary and EPF, 28% corporate tax, allowance and claims. Though I have not calculate the actual running cost of a small software company, but I guess the rate of RM 600 per mandays is just enough to break even and perhaps to make a small profit if we are lucky. If we would want to run a profitable business so that we can afford to give our staffs yearly increment and bonus and still make good money, then we should charge for a mandays rate of RM 900-1,200. With such a rate, you would even be less competitive, loose out on more businesses and have to resort to catch some bigger fishes with lengthy sales cycle.

So, how should a software company survive then? Some might say forget about the small fishes as we should always think big and make it big, as the small fishes are not really lucrative anyway. Theoretically this might be true, and experience had thought me otherwise. When the fishes are small, it’s the best time to build a relationship with them. It’s the time to offer them low or affordable rate, to prove our capabilities, to gain their trust, so that they could continue to give us more jobs, or introduce us to other small and big fishes, or one day they could turn out to be bigger fishes themselves. Perhaps all is part of business and relationship building. When we approaches big fishes with no previous engagement, they would appreciate us less, don’t trust us yet, and they have more options and bargain power. So, it could be difficult to get it, not to mention the long sales cycle, bureaucracy, politics, and perhaps “personal favor” involved. The big fishes are hard to get, unless you are a big fish yourself. So perhaps the keys lie in getting them while they are small.

Let’s assume we agree to go with small fishes, but we can’t afford to go lower than RM 600 per mandays. My brother’s theory is to run the company like the low cost carrier, put out a low fare which we are comfortable with and get as much job as possible until we break even. When we have enough jobs in hand, then it’s time to raise the fare to capture some medium and big fishes, and thus we get our profit and growth from. I know isn’t exactly like a low cost carrier, but there are some similarity and the theory sounds interesting.

So it’s mean it is almost impossible to work with one single rate. When we have fewer jobs, we should offer a rate of RM 600 or less. With this, it could help us to cut losses, break even and build relationship with small time customers (which we hope would reap fruits in the near future). When our hands are full, it’s time to raise the bar, offer some premium services, raise the bar and play hard to get. With this strategy, hopefully we would achieve our mission of customer relationship building and profitability at the same time.

There is an old Chinese proverb, “Big got big do, Small got small do”. Perhaps it isn’t too smart to be picky and choosy, we just have to do it right and make sure we don’t loose money. Planting trees is equally as important as timbering.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year Resolution Year 2007

Looking back at my last New Year resolution, I would say there is still a long way to go. I didn’t get to take over the world and no RM 100K for me for the 3rd year. Though I missed the big goals, but I did manage to accomplish a few good things, especially in finding my soul mate. So it isn’t bad at all :)

I guess the goal is still to be a millionaire at the age of 30, or at lease it’s a dream. It is something which is not easy to achieve, yet I would like to achieve it, either for a better life, or just to prove a point. Nevertheless, it’s a good dream and target to hold within my heart.

Back to the short term goal, or my New Year resolution:
  • Earn 100K starting from now until the end of the year (need to stop bleeding and build up the cash pile)
  • Make MMW Property and MMW Food even more useful and popular, and earning at least USD 100 per month from it (these are my pet projects which have my love and passion)
  • Build a sustainable software business with my partners, and may the partnerships hold strong for better or worst. And also, to be a good boss and great businessman.
  • Be a better person, someone with dignity and principal; be brave and shall never be afraid for what I had done or had not done; be someone who had done enough and shall no longer give excuses; be someone to admit his wrong and weaknesses and do something about it, so that he would become a better person.
Besides the big dreams, it is important to
  • To maintain good health, eat healthy and exercise
  • To love her, respect her and spent sufficient time with her
  • To continue dancing
  • To continue with more outdoor adventures
  • To have more passion and patient with the children
  • To love and treat mom and dad better
  • To read and review more books
  • To be aware of what I am doing, take control of life and not let it drift too much
  • To have happiness and satisfaction
With the wind of change blowing, 2007 is set to be an exciting year.