Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Animax (Japanese Anime) Rulez

I guess Japanese always have a distinctive taste and innovation. Look at their fashion and style, their porn industry, their robots and automations, their designs and cartoons, their food and culture. It is one of a kind, for better or worst.

Lately Astro introduced the Animax channel and I had been instantly hooked on it. I notice Japanese Anime since the comic days, and I didn’t BT them due to the lack of time to watch them. Anyway it is nice for Astro to have Animax, so I can catch on a few episodes when I take my break.

Not all Anime are interesting and good, but I noticed a few good ones currently showing at Animax.

The 1st one which captured my attention is Brain Powered, with robots with organic form, and the collaboration between human mind and the robot brain (sounds like Evangelion). Anyway, I am a sucker for robots, and organism and a brain of his own just make it more interesting.

Then we have The Law of Ueki, a bunch of children with special abilities and a green theme. They are supposed to fight each other so that their sponsors get to be a god, and they get an ability of their choice as the ultimate reward. The main character is funny and dumb (maybe smart as well), which makes the cartoon more interesting besides the utilization of their special power.

Teenage Goddess might seem pretty boring at 1st, but its world of god is pretty interesting. It had old Japanese styled magical kingdom, with lots of gods and funny mystical creatures (reminds me of Totoro and Spirited Away). I like the setting and creatures.

I kinda dislike Honey and Clover at 1st, at it seems kinda like some boring stories among a bunch of friends. It is about relationship and love, and I slowly kinda like their thoughts in the story, kinda felt meaningful at times (plus some Japanese quirkiness as well). Perhaps it is a good watch after all, just slow and lots of love relationship and inner thoughts.

Chronicles of the Wings is not bad as well, about Sakura (she looks like Sakura the Card Captors) loosing her wings and a bunch a kids with magical creatures and special abilities. Yu Yu Hakusho, Samurai 7, Dragon Ball, Hungry Heart, God(?) Save Our King! is average, Dr Dokkiri could be funny. I am not very fond of Paradise Kiss, Gokusen, Alice Academy, .Hack/Sign, Absolute Boy.

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meiru said...

wahhh.. u ar.. really watch so many anime ar..hahaha.

hmm, from the pics of the anime that u posted without watching the show, i'd prefer the Teenage Goddess. hehe.. looks cute! yeah yeah really look something like totoro, some animals some creatures :)