Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Time is Lost

It’s difficult to find time to write nowadays, as time is taken up by love and work. I seem to have a lot in my mind to write about, guess I’ll just have a squeeze in 30 minutes before sleep to write this.

Dancing had been less fun than it used to be, perhaps due to the changes in my working location and my relationships will my dance mates as well. My work is switched from KL to Puchong, yet my dance class is still in KL (I stay because of the friends I have there). I no longer had the time (or convenience) to attend additional classes or practice classes, thus there isn’t some much sharing and synergy going on between us. I felt my feelings towards dancing with my dance mates had been drifting apart, which kinda sadden me at times.

Perhaps it’s just an inevitable part of life, where our priorities shift and I move on. The time where we are close and spent a few days in a week for dancing and dinner and movies and karaoke together are gone. Dancing is just a weekly thing I attend to now (sounds like Church), nothing more and nothing less. Perhaps is my love affair with Mei Ru, thus my relationship with Michelle, Tang and Li Mun is no longer as close as it used to be. I guess it’s inevitable as well, the must be a reason why most married couple are anti-social among friends, and it get worst when you have children. I guess our priorities shift (the way we spent our time), and partly it isn’t that “convenient” anymore. Even though we could make an effort to make things just like old time, but it just wouldn’t feel the same, as things had changed and time passes by.

I guess there is nothing wrong with it, and it is nobody’s fault, and it just seems inevitable and sad. The feeling is lost. Things are no longer the same.

For a moment, I thought of my time at BASS with all my friends just seems like yesterday (and quite sadden by it), but those time isn’t going to come back anymore. Everyone is leaving and move on with their life, the group is broken going their separate ways. There is nothing wrong, just how life is. We gather and we left.

Sad and inevitable, just the way of life?


christine said...

in your list of friend, you miss a very important friend wor....that's your "long distance dream girl" , hahaha, you also don't have time to chat with your dream girl in IM..

it is so sad...>.<

meiru said...

hahaha...yalor christine, I just remember that we forgot to celebrate on chinese 14/7 this year ar.. it's our "anniversary", remember? we've missed that already! hehehe..

And yes, when environment changed, things changed, the same gang of friends tends to go different ways. After I joined my current co, I didn't keep in touch with some of my old colleagues, we don't share many things together already, and so the feelings won't be the same.

Time and effort need to be in place to maintain any relationship, and perhaps there is too little time and too many things in life that we need to focus from time to time. Though it's sad and inevitable for some relationship to fade, but the good memories will always be kept in our heart.. or mayb in the videos/photos..hahhaa.. so keep taking more videos n photos.. haha

d_luaz said...

but still, it's sad to see good things faded, yet not much could be done ...

yup, no time for dream gal also, so keep blogging la :) and photo taking :)