Monday, September 11, 2006

Ponder: Is life that difficult?

I guess once in a while, I would felt some fear, some uncertainty, some reluctant which immobilize me. Perhaps it’s part of the confusion of what to do with my life, or how am I going to go through it. Too bad there isn’t a quick fix or answer, as I have to gather strength, stand up and continue my journey again.

Sometimes it is really not easy to gather consistent strength. Though I have no idea where I would reach at this moment, but I think it is important for me to keep moving no matter what, at least for the moment. Perhaps I was hoping one day that the clouds would clear and I could see what is installed for me.

Sometimes I look at people around me; I will kinda sadden with their lifestyle. A middle age man drinking coffee alone with a worrisome face and working cloth, an old man drive his trucks around the neighborhood trying to sell some buns, or a 30-ish women going from table to table trying to sell some biscuits. Somehow I felt sadden that their life have to be such, working so hard just to survive, yet the future is insecure.

Am I being too complacent or lazy, or afraid of hardship? Am I worry for my future, or am I asking too much of a lifestyle. I guess I know what I want for the moment and trying to give a chase for it (before I no longer have the energy and determination or luxury to go for it). Sometimes I do forget that I am 27, thinking I was way older. But 27 are neither too young, as time passed by really quickly.

Again, for a better tomorrow :)


meiru said...

Life ... how should it be? how am i supposed to plan my life? i think if we can still ask ourselves these questions, we're considered lucky. Yesterday saw in a tv programme, some illegal workers got arrested by policemen. At that time, I was thinking what will I do, if I were in their situation - leave the family and be an illegal worker in another country, no place to stay, no money, everyday gotta worry when will be catched by policemen. Will I go and steal or rob like some of them in order to survive? is there any future?

Kinda sad seeing this. And at the same time, feel lucky that we still have a job, have our family, frens, colleagues, our loved ones. Let's treasure what we have and yeah, hope for a better tomorrow!

christine said...

well, treasure what you have at that is short ( hope you can believe in Jesus Christ in one day)

27 is not really are still very young...don't worry! heehee....but you really don't know how long you will live in this world! So, 把握眼前的一切機會!

d_luaz said...

Perhaps besides being appreciative and grateful, I am trying to figure out a lifestyle I am satisfied with to go through the rest of my life.

Perhaps I have demand, thus came the pondering. Else I would live life as usual and let time pass by me, without the need to make changes and adjustment.

Mich said...

Everyone have this kind of thoughts. At times I have this thoughts , i'm 27 what have i achieve in life.