Monday, September 11, 2006

Cameron Photo Blog

Kuala Wor - a hotspring river (before going up to Cameron)

Big Tress in Kuala Wor

Lata Iskandar waterfall, a pretty cool place to hang out for a while (remember to climb to the top)

Lakehouse, look very grand and expensive. European style with fireplace.

A lake filled with green plants.

A nursery in Lembah Bertam, a small town.

Bharat Tea House, a must visit. Nice tea, brownie ice-cream, carrot cake and tea hills.

Rainbow Girl in Brinchang

Pasar Malam (Night Market in Brinchang), lots of food and vegetables

Steamboat. This little girl like me very much, yeah!

Chim's House. Talking about how Kok Ming is going to open his birthday present.

Palas Tea Plantation

Some butterfly farm, nothing much. 5 jun bin jui!

Rose Garden, a worthy visit. Cancer in action.

This sunflower boy looked old

Photo Link: Mei Ru's Multiply


christine said...

you are right, in the sunflower picture, you look older than come???????heehee

christine said...

but you have a bright smiling face!:)

d_luaz said...

perhaps it's just because Mei Ru looks young ;)

christine said...

yeah yeah yeah! Meiru...I like your look with long hair....can u keep your hair long????


meiru said...

hahha.. i didn't intend to cut this short 1, but no choice la, the hairstylist couldn't cut to what i want..hahaha.. so bcome like this lor.. hehehe