Friday, March 31, 2006

I Have a Dream

Before I talk about dreams, let me spent a moment cursing TM Net and Streamyx for their recent poor broadband service for the past week and the failure to upload even a 50K file as attachment for my email. It sucks! It is getting on my nerve! It lowers my productivity! It wastes my time! Hey guys, you need to work on your response time better and make proper announcement for service interruptions. Don’t try to blame it on the submarine cable, as even browsing local sites is slow.

Okay, that’s probably enough of it. Since the line is slow, I shall blog on something which don’t require pictures.

Let’s talk about dreams. I am dream boy, thus I must have dreams, and perhaps lots of them as well. I dream of a small software business, with office on remote valley, next to a river. We’ll have a superb fulltime chef working there to cook wonderful meal for us, with fresh fruits from the orchard and fresh vegetables from the farm. We would have cows, goats and pigs running around the field. A high tech sophisticated house in the middle of the most beautiful place on earth, with blue sky and greenery and the sound of water stream. The house shall be mostly class with techy design, equipped with broadband and all the high tech equipment and gadgets. The people who work here sleeps here as well, with resort like rooms and lots of entertainment and productivity booster. Much like Googleplex, except it is Googleplex on the most beautiful place on earth.

Once in a while, we would fly to cool city like New York, Shanghai or Hong Kong for business dealing and stay in some high class city apartment. Then we shall proceed with vacation at Caribbean Sea, Bora Bora, Morocco, Switzerland, Nepal, Tibet or Xinjiang. At the end, back to the most beautiful place on earth and continue with my life.

That is what I call a life worth living in :)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

There is hope after all for local VC

Out of no where equipped with thin hope, I suddenly got this email to meet a local VC for interview. I am thinking it would be a MBA graduate with no knowledge and experience about startup who gonna interview me, and would find my idea boring and not hyped enough with the current trend.

Anyway, I have a great surprise for me. After much of my earlier skeptical, there seems to be a little bit of light after all.
  • He looks young and hippie (not the typical serious MBA look)
  • He is humorous (only a person who knows how to have fun can do good business)
  • He knows what’s cool and what’s not (I mean cool, not Hype according to Forbes Magazine)
  • He tries very hard to understand what the hell we are trying to tell or sell
  • He gave constructive feedback based on the view point of entrepreneur and venture capitalist
  • I think he is an entrepreneur himself, thus he knows the game well with experience and exposure
After some revamping with the local VC sometimes ago, I think they finally get it right (slightly). You need the right people to do the right job, not just employing someone with high paper qualification and assume they are the best men for the job. To identify a potential entrepreneur, you need an experience entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, there are much more than just brilliant ideas, and not everyone can identify the other X factors which could potentially make a successful entrepreneur out of a commoner.

There seems to be hope after all. Kudos to the local VC! But whether my application is successful or not, there is still no guarantee and just a thin invisible line separating them. Anyway, I am happy with their improvement.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Blue Dragon 1St Anniversary (15 March 2005 – 15 March 2006)

Looking at the Archive on the left, I suddenly realized it had been a year I blog with Blue Dragon. When I first started blogging, I never thought much on how long I could endure on this tech age hobby. And *poof*, here I am one year later with more than 200++ posts.

Initially I plan my first blog post on why I choose the title “The Blue Dragon is looking@me”, but I didn’t. Why bother to put so much effort in making new things perfect, it you have no idea how long it might last. I was thinking if it happens to last and people ask me about it, then I would blog about it.

Since it had been a year and only one person ask me about it, I guess that fulfilled my criteria to blog about it. At that time, I downloaded this 3D Paper Dragon Illusion, with Khim print it out for me using company’s colour printer and Chim bring it home to cut and fold it. The end product landed on my desk again as a good mouth piece for those who stop at my desk. A blue paper dragon that will always look at me no matter you look at it from the left, right or centre. He is cute and ugly, and very much alive.

The sub title “The True Reflection of a Dream Boy's life” is added much later when I switched my profile photo. Miss Evil commented that I look dreamy in the photo, and I would like to have dreams, thus came the title “Dream Boy”, and Blue Dragon is a reflection of my everyday life and thoughts.

Blue Dragon is indeed my alter ego. Happy Birthday!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Wedding Photo: It should be a lively beauty

Last week I met up with old friends who come all the way from Singapore to book their wedding package in a bridal fair in mid valley. I think they have been in a relationship for 11 years, and it is finally time for them to tie the knot. They were my secondary school mate, and I kinda saw them going through a lot of thick and thin. There are many possibilities and opportunities which might fail the relationship, but somehow they are miraculously still together. I wish them all the best, as it takes lots of fate, faith and understanding.

While I was at the bridal fair, I kinda browse through their catalogues and samples as well. No doubt that most of the pictures are nice and beautiful, but I would say most of them doesn’t quite suite my taste. Why? Because there are too much unnatural posing, boring artificial environment and there is no life in the photo itself. It is just a piece of fake and lifeless photo which happens to look pretty.

So, what kind a photo sucks? Those with ugly colour clothing pretending to look like club performer in the 70/80’s is the worst. Those with super fake artificial background don’t make it as well. Certain post kinda too fakish or too stereotype and commercial, thus it doesn’t feel natural. It doesn’t have a life nor a sense of real happiness in it. In fact, it is pretty hard to look lively for indoor photography, perhaps we should take photo in a house rather than studio, where there are more comfortable and natural living room, bed room, bath room and garden. Outdoor of course is the best, with blue sky, white clouds, greenery and borderless ocean.

A pretty shot, but less lively

So, what kind of “lively” beauty do I mean? Perhaps more natural smile and laugh (rather than those kind of smile being forced and dictate by the camera man), more realistic natural surroundings (perhaps park, garden, farm, jungle or beach) and definitely posing with some action with more fun (like running around, carrying each other, rather than pretending artistically like a perfect couple looking at something).

A fun expression with flying roses

Back 2 Back carry, Playful

A nice shadow shot, not too dark

Green Grass

Piggy Back Style

What theme would make a good wedding photography (my preferences are highly biased towards natural)?
  • With no shoes (barefoot), and a lighter and more comfortable dress
  • Blue Sky, White Clouds and Greenery
  • Some mud/paint on the face due to some playfulness
  • Sitting on a tree brunch or tree house
  • A swing attached to a tree
  • Pinching each other face playfully
  • Carry each other on the back
  • Back to back carry
  • Beach Boy and Beach Girl look
  • Playing in the water
  • Lying down on green grass
  • In a nice comfy home (living room, bed room, batch room)
  • In front of some extremely nice modern architect
  • Orchard, Farm, Park, Jungle, etc (natural beauty)
  • Artistic Naked Photo?
Outdoor and nature is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it definitely feels and look great :) Perhaps it all boils down to our creativity and how much money do we have to spent, haha.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Farewell, my old buddy

A few days back, I had finally changed one of the most personal belonging which I carry almost everyday, something which would make me miserable if I didn’t have it with me when I go out: My Wallet.

Old Broken Buddy in Dire Stage

My old wallet is a gift from my brother; he bought it in Italy when he was traveling Europe after study in UK. Think of it, the wallet had been with me for 7-8 years. Wow! I never thought that it could be that durable, thus an expensive good quality leather wallet from Italy is definitely worth investing in. Anyway, the poor wallet is going through some critical illness now, with holes in the coin pockets (I tape it) and doesn’t look presentable at all. I think I had a weird habit, that I usually wouldn’t change a thing by myself unless it quit on me, although it might be in dire stage now.

A Wallet with Male Personality

Anyway, I got a nice Pierre Cardin wallet from a caring friend as part of Christmas present. It is pretty nice wallet which suits my criterias, with a coin compartment, many card holders and I think it is leather as well. Only if it could be slightly thicker, but I shouldn’t keep too many rubbish in it anyway.

The New Rookie

After much consideration and sorting out some issues, it is finally clear for me to use the new wallet, as the coins keep dropping out from the old one (bad symbol as money is leaking out). Tada! A new good looking wallet, which shall accompany me for sometime.

I expect you to last another 8 years!

Now, I shall make enough money to reward myself with a good looking and durable watch :)

Monday, March 13, 2006

Valentine Party

This is a long overdue Valentine post, where I had been invited to join a bachelor party. Feeling lost and bored at that time, I would grab any opportunities to get out of the house and do something. I had a “date”, and she is so nice in the sense always remembered me when there are opportunities to have fun. Pick her up from her training center, had dinner together in SS2, pickup Valentine gifts for gift exchange during the party and head down to Rum Jungle for some partying. It seems almost like a real Valentine date, too bad it just couldn’t be.

From the party, I understand myself much better in the following sense
  • I am not a party dude, I only like to dance
  • I don’t like socialising with stranger
  • I don’t like high maintenance party girl
What kind of people are at the bachelor party (or in fact, at any party)?
  • High Maintenance Party Girl, who had thick makeup and nice party dress, and dance only to show and socializing perfectly with a wide spectrum of people, but all conversations only last for 5 minutes as she had many people to talk to.
  • PR Girl, who might not be a chick but definitely knows how to socialise.
  • Pretty Face, who don’t need socializing skill as they attract the opposite sex to do the talking for them.
  • And the Companion, someone who sticks with a guy or gang all night long, smiling and makes others look good.
  • The rest of the guys, all look the same to me.
So, if I am neither a party dude nor a very sociable being, perhaps party is not really for me. Only if there is a party with no strangers, and ample songs and space for dance.

Cute Overload! ;)

I seldom do a review of other’s blog, but this blog is too cute and comprehensive. It had a cute duckling logo, and lots of super cute animal pictures which either makes you laugh or have the “ooo … so cute!” effect. Besides, it is updated almost daily with quality posts + pictures, and thick on its archives too. A happy and nicely done collection blog :)

Check the duck out! Cute Overload! ;)

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap . . . and Others Don’t

I read “Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap . . . and Others Don’t” by Jim Collins sometimes ago, and I would say it was quite an eye opener and especially useful to help you understand the current health and future growth of the company you are working for. If the company has none of the great signs, probably you should consider seeking alternative. Like I once said about my ex-company, “She is good, but she is never great”.

First of all, what symptoms should we look for to identify a great company in Malaysia?
  • Level 5 leader. We need CEO who is modest and wilful, humble and fearless. Someone who put the company’s interest above himself, who never let his ego get in the way of his primary ambition for the larger cause of an enduring great company. Some one who is able to set the standards, and do whatever must be done to produce the best long-term results, no matter how difficult. Someone who would even plan and nature a successor, for the wellness of the company even when he is no longer around.
  • Internal Talent. If you keep looking for someone from outside to reform the company or create miracle, you know there will be more challenges for the new guy to understand the company and perhaps dissatisfaction among your existing generals (either no in house talent is available or you just couldn’t identify one, either one of these is bad). The best people for the job are usually from within, look carefully; use outsider as supplement.
  • Focus on what not to do and stop doing. Rather than focusing on what to do in order to change things around, perhaps we should look at what we should stop doing to stop the bleeding and to create better health. Without a good health and a strong base, you couldn’t possibly undertake new effort to make the company better.
  • No merger & acquisitions (M&A). If you think M&A is going to make your company big and strong, think again. How many greats companies had failed miserably in M&A (e.g. AOL/Warner Merger), either because it is too huge to handle or no one have the skill and experience to understand what’s going on or how things should be done. M&A expose us to much risk of mistake and wrong doing, as it is not an exact science. Big does not equal strong. Perhaps being big could give you some reputation advantage, but reputation could be earned elsewhere.
  • Manage Change, Motivate People. So many CEOs tried to save the company by creating more business opportunity and bring in more sales, but no one seems to be bothered to save the company from the inside. Perhaps the change within is so difficult to be achieved that people wouldn’t even dare to touch on it, as it would upset a lot of low performers and those resistant to change. But difficult doesn’t means it does not need to be done. And how many CEO is able to play the role of cheerleader to motivate their staff to achieve more, and reward them for their extra effort? Change has to come from within, form a new culture and start motivating people towards the new direction. Motivation is intangible, but it is nevertheless vital.
  • Get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus and the right people on the right seat. In reality, you end up getting everyone on the bus, but dare not ask anyone to go down from the bus and have totally no idea what people should be on what seats.
  • Hire like 5, Work like 10, Pay like 8. If someone is as productive or create as much value as 10 people, shouldn’t we pay him ten times the average salary? Perhaps not, but perhaps 2-3 times above average sounds fair and justifiable, but in reality no once practice that because it is not the norm or they have no idea how productive their staff is. If compensation is tied directly to the productivity of the team, team member will have lazy people out.
  • Be rigorous, not ruthless. Always get the wrong people off the bus, as they not only have low productivity, but spread low morale among the team as well. They are not only counter productive, there are in fact destructive. The best people need no worry about their position.
  • Selective Reward & Retrenchment. When you reward someone, you don’t give everyone the same amount of bonus; that is lazy and irresponsible. It is you job to find out who deserve more, and give them much more so they know that they are appreciated. Giving a letter which said, “The Company Appreciate You Hard Work and Effort” while the lazy bump next door get the same amount of bonus just doesn’t help. When you retrench, you don’t retrench the whole department just because they are loosing money. Retrench the low performers and reward the high performers (give them a raise and bigger challenges)
  • A Culture of Discipline. Entrepreneur success is fueled by creativity, imagination, bold moves into uncharted water and visionary zeal. The death is caused by too many disorganized staff, bureaucracy and procedures. Bureaucracy is to compensate for incompetence and lack of discipline. Build a culture around freedom and responsibility, where everyone is responsible for their own ROI. Hire self discipline people which don't need to be managed, and then manage the system.
  • Confront the brutal facts. You must first admit what’s wrong with you, and then only you could make a change towards recovery. Face the reality; believe the fact; make the change (no head-hiding in the sand). If you have no idea or do not recognize what is wrong with you, you shall stand no chance of being great, and good is the enemy of great.
There is no miracle in transformation. Like the Flywheel, it takes many people pushing it to get in running slowly at first. Once the momentum is built-up, the greatness is infinity. The sad thing is, the same applied to the Doom Loop (once you start going down, you go all the way down). Only through consistency and time will you get the result.

Refer to Jim Collin’s website for some free material online, for some short and simple teachings. To get a better understanding, get the book instead.

I like the book, it is sort of an awarness book, giving you some perspectives on how you see your company :)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Knowledge vs. Understanding

Few days ago, I found out the difference between Knowledge and Understanding from Oprah Show, haha. Knowledge is like, “Exercise is good for Health”, where everyone knows it but not many people actually did it. Understanding is like, “I am obese and dying of heart failure anytime because I didn’t exercise”, now that is understanding with personal experience and emotional attachment.

A lot of time I feel like working hard, exercise, eat healthy food, be nice to my parents, but I didn’t quite make it. I have the Knowledge to know that these things need to be done for my own good, but I just didn’t feel it. I lack the personal experience and emotional attachment. If I am striving to pay my next rent (Emotional Pain), then I would work very hard to earn money. If my health deteriorate and I fell very ill (Painful Experience), then I would eat healthy and exercise frequently. Some people call this 犯贱 (I think we are), but it is actually personal experience and emotional attachment.

Last time Tang asks me to do some charity, I told her I can donate some money but I won’t actually felt the joy. I won’t felt that I helped someone, nor feel any good or any difference about it. I know it is a good thing to do, and that’s it, I don’t feel anything. I told her that I need to contribute directly, get involved in the process and then only would I be able to felt the joy, felt that I am actually doing charity. I think I need to go through the Understanding process, to experience it and to have some emotional attachment.

So, what can we do to make ourselves Understand our Knowledge before everything is too late, to appreciate before we lost it (or almost lost it)? I am not quite sure how, but I can think of a few example.

The doctor would show the actual lung condition of a normal lung (healthy) and a smoker’s lung (broken with black colour). He will instill emotion (fear and worry) into smoker to make him understand, or force him to touch and feel the broken lung to stimulate experience. Like when someone dear to us pass away, we would learn for a moment to appreciate the people around us. How to sustain the Understanding is another matter. Perhaps it is self determination, or perhaps it is the impact of the experience, or the level of emotion attachment.

To make us Understand our Knowledge, we must always feel it one way or another.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mickey Mouse MeiRu

wynn: the fans behind look like the mickey mouse ears...
meiru: ohhhh... ya hoh.. nvr notice tht if u din say..hahaha.. funny wor..hahah
desmond: tada! Mei Ru is official Mickey Mouse (sorry Mickey!)

I want Big Tea Rice ! (我要吃大茶饭!)

Today got quite shocking news, that Wynn is going to end her Jobless Bump life and going back to employment life. Her Jobless Bump life should last as long as 8 weeks, and go back to her old company and start earning some smelly cash. She need the money for her mother and grandmother’s vacation, to repay back some government loan, to pay for her sisters’ future education and for basic survival as well. She had a lot of responsibility on her shoulder, and I guess that is the destiny of being the eldest in most family: to take care of the family.

At the same time, I am saddened of loosing a Jobless Bump buddy. Though we didn’t bump together much after resignation, but we did resign on the same day, had some great time together and being jobless together. She had her recovery, I had my dream chasing, but I kinda felt we are actually together. Somehow, it is nice to have someone to bump together with me, but she is leaving the bumping lifestyle soon.

I am very happy for her, for finally decided on what she wanted to do with her life at the current moment.

I am happy for her being strong, logical and feel the need to carry the responsibility for her family.

I am happy for her to find the courage to come back to Kuala Lumpur without the need to escape again.

I am happy for her that she is a happy person.

But I am sad and feel kinda lost, in the sense that I am a lonely Jobless Bump now. It sounds kinda stupid, but I really felt the lost. In fact, I am kinda depressed. Cannot!

I cannot sulk anymore.

I cannot whine anymore.

Dream must come TRUE!

I must not give up half way through!

I need to finish the journey!

I need to conquer mountains!

I want accomplishment and happiness!





PS: Mei Ru should be happy hearing this, treat and appreciate her better when she is around la.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Jobless Bump Camp (米虫大本营)

It had been more than 6 weeks since Wynn and I left our job, bump around the house and add to the unemployment statistics. Not long after the establishment of Bad Friend Society (损友社团), we decide to setup Jobless Bump Camp (米虫大本营) for all unemployed folk out there who do nothing everyday but eat, sleep, watch TV and go online. And yes, we have name cards too.

So, join us soon. There is only one criteria; you must be a Jobless Bump.

PS: Mei Ru is not jobless, so cannot give her a name card.

Be Annoying, or Don't Care?

Today I watched the last episode of 青出于蓝, where a complicated love triangle is involved. Miss Wong is still caught between the courtship of 2 guys, Ah Choy and Sir Zhang. Miss Wong likes Sir Zhang, but they are temporary separated due to some misunderstanding of accidental issues. Ah Choy take this opportunity to express his interest with Miss Wong again, thus they fall into the love triangle once again.

Somehow I am confused, why Miss Wong felt so headache between these two guys. She loved Sir Zhang, she should accept him again and ask Ah Choy to back off, but she didn’t. In fact, she chooses to fly away to England and leave both of them behind. I curiously ask my mom, “Why the girl didn’t just select the one she loves and move on?” Her answer is simple, straightforward yet brilliant, “Because Ah Choy is a very good friend, and Miss Wong would not want to hurt him.”

I always thought, love is very simple, you just choose to be with the one you loved most. Perhaps human are social beings, we have family, friends and lover. Sometimes we would sacrifice one for another, and sometimes we wouldn’t want to hurt anyone of them (or hurt all of them). At the end, both the guys decide it is best to give her more space, so that she can comfortably choose the one she loves without hurting the other. At the end, they did a simple test to find out who she really loves, and the not so lucky one act as a gentleman to consent their relationship so that she would feel happy and not guilty.

Sometimes we thought that we should shower the one we love with care, but it might turn out to be unnecessary pressure at the wrong time. Take initiative to show love and care (be annoying), or to give more breathing space (assume not to care?).

PS: Kenny is right about one thing, I learned all my stuffs from TV

Pure Evil

Yesterday an evil chick says that she lied to me all these while, for the good of people around her and I have to be sacrificed for a greater course. All these sounds good as long as you are the voodoo girl who sacrifice people, not the poor little lamb being sacrificed.

There would some point in our life, where we though we made the best decision out of the most challenging scenario. We though there is no other way which it could be done better, and our decision is the best decision. Perhaps, the best options available for us, really depends on our maturity of thought at that time. We always make the best decision, but the best decision might vary over time depending on our maturity of thoughts.

I cannot control others, neither could I persuade them, nor can I proved that I am right (this is debatable). Like Tang said, just let them grow naturally, it is almost impossible to let them see the alternate truth. Perhaps there is no instant growth, neither instant awareness and understanding. Or perhaps, I am the one who is not grown up.

I understand why she did it, but I couldn’t agree with her methods. It is too childish. So many things are spoilt here, only a fragile friendship remains. Any more lies and breaking of promises would break what is remained to pieces easily.

PS: Never start a lie, as it would lead to another one, torment our soul until the truth is told, with a permanent scare and broken glass.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Bad Friend Society (损友社团) Name Card

Ever since the establishment of Bad Friend Society (损友社团) , we now had 3 permanent members with their very own name cards. Clap Clap Clap! (Courtesy of our beloved President, Wynn).

Would you like to have your personal Bad Friend Society namacard to show others how bad you are? Join now, membership is still open and free (but you must satisfy the 4 criterias, a must have to be a self proclaimed bad friend).

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Anti Procrastination Guide

After almost 1 week of KL Holiday with Wynn and Mei Ru, I found myself procrastinating again with difficulty in gaining momentum to get back to work. Play Hard Work Hard, is easier said than done.

Procrastination or "task aversion" is the irrational delay of an intended course of action, even while expecting to be worse off for the delay. The procrastinator deviates from the task, usually in favor of another more enjoyable (or less unenjoyable) activity. This behavior is pervasive throughout society - everyone procrastinates to some degree - but some people are so chronically affected as to be severely debilitated. - wikipedia

I know this trick is a bit old, but nevertheless I decide to create some Anti Procrastination Poster for myself to kick start my productivity momentum. I get these pointers while procrastinating over some anti procrastination web sites during my previous employment (ironic isn’t it?). I start making personal notes on web sites which I think is worthy on my personal wiki about a year ago, thus Procrastination is part of my collection as well.

Anti Procrastination References:
So, Evil of Procrastination, Be Gone!

Self Accomplishment Contract (01 March 2006 - 01 March 2007)

Last week Tang and I had a crazy idea to set targets for our current career endeavor, as both of us are venturing into different uncharted waters. The objective is to motivate us to take our adventure more seriously and discourage giving up hopes and dreams midway, as there are promises made and we need to answer to each other at the end.

I take this idea further by creating a contract of what I would accomplish for myself within a year, listing them down black and white with Tang as my witness. If I would give up, I would feel shameful to answer to her. Success or not is another matter, but I would need to see it through, once and for all. She was shocked with my effort when she saw my contract, but I said we need some symbolic representation of our promises so that it shall remind us always. Tonight I received her contract as well. The MOU ceremony is completed.

PS: Tang would like to keep her private endeavor private, so just assume you didn’t read this if you know her. If she found out, I shall deny it fully and hunt you down.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bad Friend Society (损友社团)

损友社团招募会员。。。(from Wynn:



1。损友一号 - Wynn (社长)
2。损友二号 - Desmond (秘书)
3。损友三号 - Mei Ru (普通会员)




English Translation (or you could try Babel Fish Translation):

Bad Friend Society Membership Intake

Bad Friend Society is establishhed since 25 February 2006

The Objectives of Bad Friend Society are:
  1. Don't spoilt the parents, Don't let them control and limit our freedom (must train them to adapt to our lifestyle)
  2. Be yourself, Be Flexible, Do whatever is on your mind, Don't worry too much, as long as it is not against the law (but it can be against the rules)
Bad Friend Society current membership:
  1. Bad Friend No.1: Wynn (President)
  2. Bad Friend No.2: Desmond (Secretary)
  3. Bad Friend No.3: Mei Ru (Member)
Bad Friend Society membership criteria:
  1. Tatoo (perferbly hand drawn)
  2. Disturbing Look (those which make people wanna hit you)
  3. Slightly low IQ (only when having fun)
  4. Got nothing better to do, Aggressive in having fun
If you meet the above criteria, please apply for your free membership now.

In order to unleash your Bad Friend potential within you, the Society will reorganise every year, and those who performed well shall be rewarded with a more prominent post.

If you believe that you could be the best Bad Friend, don't hesitate and register immediately.

Wynn's KL Party

The past few days is probably one of the happiest moments in my life, having to spent time with Wynn and Mei Ru. The 3 of us are very compatible, equally crazy and playful.

It started one week ago where Wynn and I planned something for Mei Ru, where Wynn would give a surprise visit (from Batu Pahat to KL) to Mei Ru. I booked Mei Ru for the weekend to make sure she would be free, and asked her to collect her surprise gift at the StarBucks next to BB Plaza. The surprise work perfectly, and we had a great time over the weekend.

We had supper with Chim on Friday night, and the girls stayed over at my place. We have a long playful and chatty night, and Wynn had to convince Mei Ru’s mom to let her stay overnight with us. The initial plan was cycling at Bukit Cherakah in the next morning, but we couldn’t wake up. We switch the plan to visit Aquaria instead, and Michelle joined us. The Aquaria is so so only, but we have quite a lot of fun taking pictures for a photography competition which we took part on the spot. Mickey is a superb and expressive model. We drop by Mei Ru's place for a visit, partly to reassure her mom that she is hanging out with a good crowd and also for her to pack her stuff. Night time is dinner with Yong and Weng, Chim and Tang FFK us last minute. Dinner is at American Chilies, the food is good as usual, perhaps Weng and Yong did find it a bit awkward as the rest didn’t join us. We bought ticket for tomorrow movie (49 Days), and the girls spend another fun and playful night at my place.

As usual, we didn’t wake up early and spent the morning playing tattoo drawing (Mei Ru is the main victim as usual). We were running late and have to rush for the 2.15 PM show without breakfast and lunch. We bought lots of food into the cinema, and Mei Ru is the food distributor as she sits in the center. The movie is average, but nevertheless freaky at certain point. We had an early dinner at Vietnamese Kitchen, before we rush to Red Box at the curve for some fun and crazy karaoke session. We had a super big room with 3 microphones for just the 3 of us, superb! We sing shamelessly, we play violently and we jump like bunnies. Got to rush Mei Ru home before 12 midnight before her mom banned us from going out with her for life. Wynn spends the night at her friends place in Damansara Utama, and we spontaneously planned for a lunch visit with our ex-colleagues the next day.

We gave everyone, especially Mei Ru a surprise lunch visit. Everyone is good and things still feel pretty much the same. It is kinda different to walk in the office in a leisure mood, kinda observed more stuffs. Had a KFC lunch with most of them, Wynn and I walk to Low Yat to pick up some computer equipments after lunch. Our ex-colleagues “tumpang” us to buy quite a few items as well. We walk back to office near 5 to have tea with them, as they wanted to chit chat for a while before going home. I had dinner with Wynn and her friends at Little Paris, and Hank joined us as well. He was forced to buy as supper as well, but he had sleepy eyes as he is a sleep early person.

We had movie again on Tuesday night with ex-colleagues, "Fun with Dick and Jane". The movie is so so as well, could be better. Wynn is freezing cold as she forgets to bring her cardigan. We had supper after the movie; Kenny didn’t join us as he is another early person. Wynn is quite bored these few days at her friends’ house, as she is alone during the day. I offered her to come to my place; at least there are company, food, computer and Astro.

There is a lot of happiness within these few days, perhaps the 3 of us really compatible and capable of creating fun out of the simplest things. Perhaps we complement each other, being comfortable and at ease. Perhaps it is the holiday mood.