Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Latin Jive (Dance) Class

Yesterday I went for my first dance class in my life, and it turns out pretty good.

To weeks ago, Tang (my colleague who where sent to do Hard Labor in Cyberjaya) told me about this Latin Jive dance lesson she joined recently. She was fairly excited about her new experience and persuaded me and a few others to join her. I once cannot imagine myself taking a dance class, but somehow now I am more receptive of the idea (maybe I am getting old).

So, Khim (another Victim of Tang's persuasion) and I decided to give it a try. Few others show some interest but have not taken action. BTW, Tang mention her autie is joining us as well. I have dinner with Tang at her favorite Chicken Wings place at the of Jalan Alor (I think it is called Wong Ah Wah Chicken Wing Restaurant). As usual, she will complain about her hard labor at Cyberjaya, how the customer is always poking her and how he is getting better at handling them, and the inhuman hour are getting more humanly. I decided to buy her dinner, probably because I haven't buy anyone meal for quite a while (lucky her).

We are supposed to attend the dance class 30 minutes earlier because Khim and I need to pick up the earlier lessons (we already missed 2 classes), but we are late due to the Chicken Wings. We join up with Khim and go for the class (the place is near Lot 10). Tang's auntie is already there, together with very talkative Lady in Charge (Florence) which can dance as well. Later I found out everyone at the place can dance, including the tea lady (just kidding!). Florence is a very patient and outspoken person. She teaches me and Khim the basic step: Back, Front, Left, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right. It really seems rather confusing just by looking at the steps, but once you get your legs on it, it's pretty alright. Student starts coming in and it is time to start. One thing good about dance class is that there are less guys and more pretty girls :)

The dance instructor looks like a typical dance instructor. He comes and leaves in a hurry, so didn't have much impression of him. The class goes like this: Ladies' Move, Men's Move, and a lot more practice and exchanging partners. There are a few elder people in the class to guide us, I think there are volunteers or some sort. I can't remember anyone name of the first day, I definitely suck at remembering name of people I met once, or twice, or thrice. The steps got more complex, but I manage to catch up, though not very elegantly. I sweat easily, and I sweat a lot while learning to dance. I am the only one having and using a towel. Khim is having a hard time catching up with the steps, probably because she is a bit shy. Florence tries her best to teach her, putting in extra after class effort. Our (Khim and I) deal with her is that we would try for 1 lesson first before we decide to join or not. If Khim give up, she might potentially loose 2 students. At last, her experience and perseverance prevail.

Lesson end, we pay some money to register, everyone is happy. Florence asks me to change the toilet light for her, easy task. Khim pick Tang and Man Yee (Tang's Auntie) home, while I took Monorail and Putra LRT to meet my sister at Taman Bahagia station. While waiting for my sis, I practice the basic dance steps though I was tired. Either I was bored or I like the dancing thing. Looking forward for the next lesson.

Though there are quite a lot of good-looking girls in the class, I kinda like Man Yee. People sometimes ask what kind of girl I like, I would say I would only know it when I saw her. Let see how it goes from here. Did I mention Tang's auntie is younger than her ;(

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