Monday, March 28, 2005

Morning Jog at Bukit Jalil Park

I went for morning jog on Sunday morning with Mei Ru and her friend, Nicole. I ask my brother to tag along. The alarm clock rang, but I woke up 30 minutes later. Can't really blame me, I usually woke up on weekend at 12 afternoon or later. We meet up at Bukit Jalil Park near the National Sports Complex.

The park is big and beautiful, with hilly landscape and man made ponds. I would say there are a few hundreds people running around the park, most of them elderly and children. There seems to be some people promoting Falun Dafa, a kind of cultivation practice (breathing control and slow movement, seems like QiGong) which is supposed to be good for health.

Actually, Mei Ru and I plan to build up our stamina before climbing Mount Kinabalu (somewhere in June, the original date had been postponed). After some warm ups, we start jogging. Mei Ru and Nicole take very small steps when they jog, which I am not used to because I can walk as fast as they jog. Initially Mei Ru and Nicole talk a lot during first half of the journey, but everyone is busy catching up their breath during the second half. My brother is an extremely shy person, so he didn't say talk more than 5 sentences. We were exhausted after a complete round trip around the park, so we do something less demanding, walk. We started chitchat again, went to the pond to watch people feeding the fish and tortoise. We climb several stairs of 50 steps or more, it was pretty demanding, especially after the initial jog. I think I need more practice session before I am ready for KK.

We went to Sri Petaling to have our Tim Sum breakfast. The girls seem to have better appetite than the guys do. I used to eat a lot, but I reduced the intake over the years due to lower metabolism rate, less exercise and weight gain. Got to start taking care of my health whenever possible. The Tim Sum is just okay, not very good. I still prefer the Tim Sum near my place in Puchong. As usual, I talk about my dance class because Mei Ru seems interested to take up some kind of weekly exercise, either aerobic or yoga. Then she tries to persuade Nicole and my brother to join us for the KK trip but doesn't prevail at the moment. Probably we are going to organise a Cycling event in Shah Alam Taman Pertanian or Putrajaya Wetland (rumor had it there is a park for cycling), but Mei Ru might missed out those events due to friend's birthday and sister's birthday. We went back after the breakfast. I had a nice bath and continue my sleep.

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