Tuesday, March 22, 2005

DO more than THINK

Yesterday night was my 2nd Jive dance lesson. As usual, I meet up with Tang and Man Yee for dinner. Yesterday was supposingly being reported as the hottest day with temperature reaching 40 degree Celsius (the usual are 33), luckily it rains :) Due to the rain, we change our plan to eat at Lot 10 external food court rather than Jalan Alor. Tang like the place because there is a live band there (consist of 3 guys in black) singing Chinese songs there. She picks me up near Haagen Daaz with her big light blue umbrella. At the food court, I saw Man Yee already started eating Loh Mee. She was in an orange top with red inner layer and flowerish short dress. She had a very sweet young look. I ordered a Chicken Floss Pan Mee with Egg and Tang ordered some Duck Satays. Neither of the food is nice. The band is pretty good though, and Tang was observing and curious on how customers flirt with a Carlsberg girl. Tang told me she bought 2 fighting and is going for holiday in Redang for the rest of the week. Ahhhh, holiday. Hopefully my holiday plan to KK in June will work out :)

After dinner, we proceed to the dance class. Khim was still worried about her dance steps, so she went there earlier to practice. Today we learn 3 extra steps, with one complicated steps which took me quite a while and a lot of help to get a hang of it. I think I partnered most comfortably with Tang, though I didn't get a chance to partner with Man Yee. As usually, I partnered with a few other girls who I need their guidance. There was this tall girl who changed her hairstyle to curly hair, which I noticed she is indeed very pretty with a nice figure. I always find women are more mature and attractive with curly hair, but the trend in Asia nowadays seems to be straight hair. The class ended pretty fast. Tang, Man Yee and Khim rush away as Khim's ride to pick them home had arrived. Not a very fruitful day I guess. During lunch the other day, my colleague Weng mentioned we must DO more than think. We as guys should really take more initiative, but I sort of have this psychological barrier whether I want to have a relationship at this moment. I think I need to be less serious and be more natural and cool. Need more work on this issue in my mind. Am I thinking too much again? Sucks!

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