Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sassy Girl

While I am in the mood of thinking of pretty girl, a Korean actress and singer came to my mind: Jun Ji Hyun or Jeon Ji-Hyeon (전지현). I watched the movie WindStruck (野蛮师姐) where she acted as a sassy policewoman who falls in love with a teacher. The movie is smoothie and nice, somehow I am attached to it. I think she become famous for her part in My Sassy Girl, but I didn't watch that.

Anyway, why is she pretty? Of all the beautiful women in this world, what make her stand out and leave in deep impression in my mind? I wouldn't say she is the most beautiful women (in fact, no one is), but I would say her attractive comes from her sassy image. She acted playful and mischievous, and looks naive at the same time. I tried to find some pictures which show her sassiness, but only manage to find a few and I am not satisfied with it (she could be much better that that). Most pictures portray her as sweet and cute, whom is nice to look at but wouldn't make her stand out. Some of her picture portrays sexiness, but I don't think that is her strong side either. I saw her acted in a McDonald advertisement that shine out her playfulness totally (she put two Sundaes on her head as rabbit ears). I have the video on my PC, but have no place to upload it to :(

Anyway, anyone can be pretty and cute, but only personality and attitude will make the difference.

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