Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Jekyll and Hyde

Yesterday night while I was working late, Mei Ru pointed out to me that I am a completely different when I work and when I play. One side there is a fierce and mean looking faces, while the other side is a boyish playful all-laughing expression. I think about what she said and come to the following conclusion.

I always believed I am always an introvert who are serious and seldom speak, probably shy. These few years I have changed to a different kind of person, someone who voiced out more, able to speak boldly, a bit funny and not afraid to confront people. Somehow, I become more sociable, which I think is partially due to the books/articles I read and the desire to change (can't really pinpoint the cause for change exactly). So rather being shy and serious, now I have another personality, which are playful and sociable.

It is interesting to know that these personalities don't usually show up at the same place and the same time (you can't cry and laugh at the same time, usually). So, I am being serous and more vocal at work (good for productivity and get things done), and more playful at outing because I really want to enjoy the fun experience fully (being serious at fun isn't as good as being playful). Actually, I don't quite notice all these until she pointed out to me, and I actually confirm that after I watched how playful I am from my previous Taman Negara Trip Video not so long ago. OMG, I have changed and have dual personality now, is like Jekyll and Hyde, only I think that the serious side is still more dominant. But, I am still shy in certain aspect, especially with girls; not all girls perhaps, maybe just girls which I seem to like.

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