Wednesday, March 23, 2005

small is the Formula for Happiness

Yesterday I went into a meeting with the big bosses to discuss on how we should create an R&D team to further strengthen the Software Development in the company. There are a few things I learned.
  1. Management sees technical diagram and term as Greek. For example, you should use the word "Presentation" rather than UI (User Interface). So when you present your idea, make sure you have very simple diagram with small common words. Rather than explaining what does each component do, explain what benefit each component brings is more like it.
  2. Try to keep your cool and don't speak too loud, even though you are frustrated for their inability to understand your technical explanation? Did I mentioned don't even try to explain in technical term?
  3. The current trend in the company seems to be F3. If you complain about something, make sure you do provide a solution for it and are expected to execute it as well. If you are not ready to burden yourself with more work, keep quiet then. The more you complain, the more problem you are assigned to solve.
  4. Let’s say you expect an R&D team is supposed to do technical research on technology and best practices. In the management mind, R&D are supposed to do anything with the word "research" in it, like "Reseach on how to convert a Coffee Machine into a Super Computer".
  5. Thinks 3 times before you open your mouth in front of the big bosses. Once they think you raise the issue to the wrong channel, they would start shooting you. The common phrase use would be "I am looking at the overview of the picture and don't have time to handle these small minor issues, you should raise them to your immediate supervisor". Think man! Think!
  6. Make sure you know when to stop. Sometimes you have 10 points to convey to the management, but 3 points already taken up one hour due to prolonged discussion. Probably you should stop torturing everyone, not to mention forcing them to hate you. Write down those points and drop him an email.
It is definitely stressful to be verbal in this kind of meeting, as you end up with many criticisms and a lot of homework, besides the real work you are supposed to do. Anxiety and pressure may kick in anytime now. Personally, I think people with small hope for the company and small responsibility will be a happy person. Once you have the dream to make a better change in the company and voice it out, be prepared for a bumpy journey ahead (with many headache and heartache). I chose to be verbal because I felt helpless complaining on the same issue again and again. Maybe it's time I take up some responsibility to make the place I work a better place, rather than quitting and move on to another suposingly better company. Now, I got a lot of homework to do :(

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