Monday, March 21, 2005

Counter Trendy Crime with Star Trek

My company's sexitary (ahem! secretary) and friend will be absent from work for one week. Why? She was drag by a notorious Snatch Thief for more than 10 meters on the tar road. Usually the snatch thieves ride a motorcycle, but this b@st@rd drove a car and acted alone. According of the police, many of the reported cases are done by the same person in the same area, Cheow Yang' near SS2. Absolute shocking and horrible! We gonna have group bomoh session to curse the b@st@rd who did this.

Snatch thief are pretty common news in Malaysia nowadays, probably is the side effect of development. There are quite a few of pretty ugly snatch thief incidents, where the victims are killed, comatose, paralysed and hurt. The brutality of the snatch thieves are unspeakable, don't expect public mercy if they are caught (a dozens of punches and kicking would be expected). Most of them do get away easily and continue to terrorise women and old folks.

The sad thing is a woman nowadays so afraid to carry handbags with them when they walk on the street. They either decide not to carry a handbag, or carry a handbag with weak handles so that it can be snatched easily without hurting them. Things are getting out of hand, and we are living in constant fear. A few snatch thief had been successfully captured by the public, but the number of cases are growing by the month. The government took some initiative to install CCTV in strategic areas and perform undercover operations, but I don't think it is very effective either. How can we really stop snatch thief? Probably we need the help of everyone to hunt down the thieves. Sadly, there are cases where some brave people are killed for helping to confront the thieves.

Another trendy crime is Road Bully, where victims are attacked while driving on the road, either when accident happens or the predators are angry with you for whatever reasons. The worst case which could happen to the victim so far is had his head chopped off (sounds like Iraq hostage situation?).

Frankly, I think all these are the side effects of rapid economical development, where people are being stressed out in making a living. We could probably slow down our economical development and concentrate more of social development such as Australia and Canada. Having to enjoy low cost of living, better quality lifestyle and being taken care by the government even if you are a lazy bump who did not want to work. But then again, we would end up with a lot of lazy people and loose out in economical competitiveness, which might give rise to other problems in the near future. Maybe we should follow the idea in Star Trek, where everyone works for self-enbetterment and money does not exist. Though it sounds like Communism, but it is certainly a better implementation than China or Russia.

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