Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Lunch with the Smart one

Earlier yesterday I went for lunch together with Mei Ru to meet up with Chung Min, a friend we met during our previous Taman Negara trip (online photo album of our trip). Chung Min in Chinese (聪明) means smart or bright, so his parent probably are scholars with high expectation for him. Anyway, he seems to like his name.

We went for a German pub at Jalan P.Ramlee. The pub was under renovation, so there was very few people around. As with a true German Pub design, you could see high chairs and beer barrel tables. We pick a shady spots near the windows, as most other places are being renovated or exposed to heavy sunlight. The roof of the restaurant is transparent glass, so it is very bad for lunch. It is getting pretty warm, and Mei Ru's seat has a constant stream of sunlight. The air-con isn't helping much.

The main course goes in the range of RM 40-80, so we decided to have the set lunch instead (RM 25). We have a chicken and bread appetizer, grilled pork with chips and ice lemon tea. Mei Ru has chicken instead of the pork. The food looks nice and taste good, I have no complaint of that. Just that the heat in the place make me sweat and very uncomfortable. Definitely a spoiler.

Just found out Chung Min is kinda a streetwise person (someone who work in different kind of job and own a company which organises events). He claims that he is old, because he always refers others as "You young people ...". We talk about his work experience and relationship with his girlfriend Ong (we meet during the Taman Negara trip as well). Basically he seems like someone which a proper career plan and is in the midst of planning the journey towards wedding.

At the end of lunch, Mei Ru decided to buy him lunch (I found out at a later stage that she included me in buying the lunch as well). We pass him the Taman Negara Video (which I recorded with my new JVC DV and spent countless hours editing) and say goodbye. The lunch is quite filling.

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