Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Power of F3

Recently I attended a "XXX" workshop (no sex involved), where I was made to promise never to expose the content and surprises of the training to anyone (sounds like a secret cult). I think the main purpose of the promise is not to spoil the workshop experience for the people who have yet to attend it. It is an awareness workshop, which preaches a few concepts/ideas, but the most important is something that they called F3.

Let's say you are a guy who are lonely and broke, you could choose to
  1. Blame the girls for not knowing your good
  2. Blame the society for being too materialistic
  3. Blame the economy downturn
  4. Blame the sucky job
What we usually do are F1 and F2, where F1 is putting fault on other people while F2 is putting fault on environment. We never actually reflect what is happening to us on ourselves, cause the easy way out to blaming others. We should in fact, blame ourselves? (just kidding). We should in fact think of what we can do to improve our situation (F3), but not expecting what other can do or how the environment can change to improve our situation. The idea is not anything spectacular or shocking, but it would be a useful reminder to ask the simple question "What can I do to improve my situation".

If next time we complain about being broke, probably we should think of ways to make money rather than begging others to give us money. Though we might not be able to change our situation all the time, do it anyway.

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