Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Tsunami to Charity or Not

When Tsunami happen on 26 DEC 2004, it is the first time I contribute to charity in terms of Monetary (those less than RM 10 not counted!) and Energy. I donated RM 50 to Star / Maybank Tsunami Relief Fund electronically using Maybank2u (because too lazy to write a cheque and drop it to God knows where) and help out at Red Crescent Malaysia.

Do I feel good after doing charity? I only feel I lost RM 50 when I donated the money, my feelings was neutral and didn't feel anything particularly good. I didn't felt that I helped the victim in anyway (I was even skeptical on how the money would be used; would it be used to finance a Politician's Mistress?), thus not giving me any sense of satisfaction. After spending countless hours at Red Crescent Malaysia to help them pack countless boxes of clothes to be sent to ... err ... some Tsunami affected area, I didn't feel good either besides feeling tired. I just didn't feel good or contributed when I do charity. I do hope my effort help the victims in some teeny tiny ways.

So, how should I encourage myself to do charity the next time? Probably I don't have a big heart. I think the charity work effort at Red Crescent Malaysia was badly organised. Mei Ru who did join me for the charity work at Red Crescent Malaysia claims that she felt more satisfaction when doing the same thing at a Thean Hou Buddhist Temple in Brickfield (packing items for Tsunami as well). Probably it is the people we work with and the leadership effort to cheer and make everyone feel good after a hard day work (for FREE!). So, charity does need capable and inspired organiser.

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