Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Another Happy Dance

Yesterday was my weekly dance class again, went for dinner as usual with Tang (Man Yee didn't join us because she was at client site). We went to this Japanese food shop at the ground floor of Low Yat Plaza. According to Tang, this is the kind of food sold by Ranma in the comic book. It is sort of like Udon or Soba being fried into a big pizza shape, together with some seafood. It is quite nice, something quite unique but expensive as well. 1 set is RM 18.90, so we share a set since it is quite large and it is not good to eat too much before dance.

Today Wai Ling will join us after her Yoga class to have a look and feel of our dance class. Khim have gastric and stomachache so she would not be joining us today. We were 5 minutes late. Today they just teach 1 extra step, yet I would say it is the most challenging guy step so far (Did I mentioned Jive have different guy and girl steps? So unless you are an expert, it is difficult to teach the opposite sex to dance). There is this woman in her 30’s that are supposed to help out new students, but she is neither the patient kind nor encouraging type. I partnered with her for a few times and it had been rather difficult. At last, I manage to get the firm grasp on the new step when I partner with Man Yee. It is easier for beginner to learn together, since it is less stressful and more compromising. It was fun. As usual, an hour flies by easily when we are having a good time. Wai Ling fetch them home and drop me at the LRT.

I feel happier when I am without motive. Probably should just be myself and mix well others, since I have not decided to have a more serious relationship at the moment. If we manage to have some good time together and found the suitable one, then probably we good proceed with something more serious when I am ready. Besides, I still enjoy being single at the moment and have a good time with anyone :)

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