Monday, March 28, 2005

House of Fury Night Out

Last Friday, Tang, Wai Ling and I went for a Cantonese movie, House of Fury AKA JingWu Family (精武家庭). We seldom went for Cantonese movies, as most of them are generally perceived as low quality without substance. The last one we saw together was House of Flying Daggers, but the people I went with wasn't quite satisfied with it (though I quite enjoy it), therefore I dare not ask them out for any Cantonese movie for quite a while until now. I myself like Cantonese movies, because I found them light and entertaining, but quite a number of them really sucks. Is like finding a needle in a haystack, if you find a good one, you would be quite satisfied.

House of Fury is a combination of comedy and action, which is a good thing (too much of either is too plain as well). It had a lot of actors and actresses which I like, such as Stephen FUNG Tak-Lun - 馮德倫 (the director as well), Anthony WONG Chau-Sang - 黃秋生, Daniel WU Yin-Cho - 吳彥組 and the TWINS girls. The CG graphics is nicely done (not over do), though some Qing Kong scene is rather awkward and funny. The humor is good and fighting is entertaining. So, highly recommended!

After the movie, we hang out for a while near McDonald. I had a chocolate sundae, but the girls didn't order anything because the store ran out of chocolate ice cream. We talk about our dance class, and persuade Wai Ling to join us. Tang shows us her Pulau Perhentian vacation photos with her family and relatives, 30 of them in total! They even have the whole bus by themselves. Most of her activities there include snorkeling (3 times a day) and swimming. After an hour or so, Wai Ling fetch Tang home and drop me at a nearby LRT.

Earlier I had a Salmon Tepanyaki with a lot of garlic. Now, the garlic smell stay with me for the next 24 hours!

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