Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Anyone out there?

Tonight I am working late again while waiting for my sis, she had a company dinner. After numerous hours of work, I decided to take a break and browse some web, which subsequently lead to blogging this. Since I already went through my usual: Slashdot and Joel on Software (timeslot to visit Google News had been taken out by blogging), XiaXue's blog came to my mind. I came across her site at the Bloggies.

That get me thinking, what kind of blogs attract my attention? Okay, I have been visiting geeky blogs and pretty females' blogs. Though I don't think XiaXue is very pretty, but sometimes she got some very nice shots of her on her blog, such as this one:

Now, how could I attract people to read my blog? I have no idea! In fact, I don't even know how many people visit my blog everyday. XiaXue have a really spontaneous writing style, like an outburst expressive female with different kind of moods everyday, which taste very much like gossip! I think my style is a bit conservative and dry, probably because I am an introvert. Though I like her style of writing, but I can't become someone who I am not. I don't like to write too much geeky stuff either, probably I know there are so much sources out there which are already doing a superb job. What should I blog about then? Hmm, nope, no new idea. Probably it is good to continue blogging about me, myself and my friends (no Irene). At least it is original and I like to read it. It surely immortalised my life in someway. I should improvise a bit on my writing style perhaps. Okay, back to work.

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