Friday, March 25, 2005

Make yourself valuable, Watch your attitude

Everyday I knows exactly what to do and expect, that is get my lazy body up and drag myself to work (not because I don't like work, but I like to sleep as well). Ever wonder what will go through your mind if you are asked not to come to work anymore? You're fired! (sounds like Donald Trump in The Apprentice) What will you do? What will you well? Devastated and absolutely lost. You can't even sleep well and you end up waking up earlier than usual, even though you have nothing to do.

My brother is a talented and skillful investment analyst (good genes run within the family). Recently his top-performing fund was taken over by his supervisor, whom fund performance sucks. This is viewed as a hostile act as he try to cold storage my bro, and the big boss is the supervisor's good friend and isn't taking any stand. So, he was quite frustrated and filled with hatred. I asked him, "Since you are so good, why not move on to the next investment house?". He didn't answer my question, probably he doesn't even know what needed to be done or he lacks confidence in his reputation. He is still quite new in the industry and is performing fairly well compared to his veteran supervisor, thus causing some jealousy and FACE issues. At the same time, he was afraid the supervisor would take credit for the fund's performance in the industry, thus wasting my bro's one-year reputation building effort. I have no doubt in his investment skill, but I find that he has an attitude problem and people skill. Not that he is the rude or arrogant, just that he is not open-minded, get jumpy quickly and don't actually socialise very well. The worst it, he is in denial of all his weaknesses and though that he was the exact opposite. Sometimes it is quite hard for me to advise him as well.

Though we feel secure with our job, but that doesn't mean the sky will not fall down on us. In order to counter this dilemma, first we must make ourselves valuable by equipping ourselves with enough skills and experience. We must be confident that we can find a job anywhere without many problems (though a good job would take some time). Secondly, work on some other kind of jobs besides your day job. It could be freelance projects or hobby projects. Once you lost your job, at least you have something to look forward to and possibly some pocket money during the hard time. Since your company is paying your salary, thus it is unethical for you to do anything, which might hurt your company. So, work on these things during your free time and make sure it does not contradicts the company's interest. Thirdly, which is the most important one is the right attitude. This attitude thing is quite subjective. You must be confident of yourself and be strong. If the company give up on your for whatever reasons, we should blame the company but to think of how to make them regret their decision for letting you go. Make yourself useful and make yourself feel good, be open-minded. Since you are FREED, the world is for you to take on :)

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