Thursday, March 31, 2005

To Do or not To Do

Sometimes when nothing is being done, you feel like standing up and take some action. As soon as you do so, you feel disappointed because you are not getting the support you like to have. People usually prefer to be passive, like an old Chinese saying "One matter less is better than one matter more". Is like when you start emailing 20 of your friends in the same mailing list, only the usual 2 or 3 will reply, while you would never hear from the others. The other actually did like to read the mail, just that either they don't like writing or don't know what to write about. So, I guess don't stop writing then, for friendship sake.

I guess this is life. When you stand up to do something, don't expect your effort will be appreciated. In fact, you WILL face a lot of criticism or people might start to secretly or openly hate you. Whenever there is something need to be done, people will nominate you. Whenever something goes wrong, you would probably the first one in front of the firing squad as well. I choose to be both a man of action and words, so I continue taking initiative to do things. The normal job is too boring, need some extra activities to spice things up a bit, creating more challenges (not problem! PYSCH!) for myself. Though small people with small mind will never understand you or even dislike you, or you might even get fired to doing and talking too much, do it anyway.

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