Friday, March 31, 2006

I Have a Dream

Before I talk about dreams, let me spent a moment cursing TM Net and Streamyx for their recent poor broadband service for the past week and the failure to upload even a 50K file as attachment for my email. It sucks! It is getting on my nerve! It lowers my productivity! It wastes my time! Hey guys, you need to work on your response time better and make proper announcement for service interruptions. Don’t try to blame it on the submarine cable, as even browsing local sites is slow.

Okay, that’s probably enough of it. Since the line is slow, I shall blog on something which don’t require pictures.

Let’s talk about dreams. I am dream boy, thus I must have dreams, and perhaps lots of them as well. I dream of a small software business, with office on remote valley, next to a river. We’ll have a superb fulltime chef working there to cook wonderful meal for us, with fresh fruits from the orchard and fresh vegetables from the farm. We would have cows, goats and pigs running around the field. A high tech sophisticated house in the middle of the most beautiful place on earth, with blue sky and greenery and the sound of water stream. The house shall be mostly class with techy design, equipped with broadband and all the high tech equipment and gadgets. The people who work here sleeps here as well, with resort like rooms and lots of entertainment and productivity booster. Much like Googleplex, except it is Googleplex on the most beautiful place on earth.

Once in a while, we would fly to cool city like New York, Shanghai or Hong Kong for business dealing and stay in some high class city apartment. Then we shall proceed with vacation at Caribbean Sea, Bora Bora, Morocco, Switzerland, Nepal, Tibet or Xinjiang. At the end, back to the most beautiful place on earth and continue with my life.

That is what I call a life worth living in :)

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