Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Jobless Bump Camp (米虫大本营)

It had been more than 6 weeks since Wynn and I left our job, bump around the house and add to the unemployment statistics. Not long after the establishment of Bad Friend Society (损友社团), we decide to setup Jobless Bump Camp (米虫大本营) for all unemployed folk out there who do nothing everyday but eat, sleep, watch TV and go online. And yes, we have name cards too.

So, join us soon. There is only one criteria; you must be a Jobless Bump.

PS: Mei Ru is not jobless, so cannot give her a name card.


meiru said...


meiru said...

ohh, wynn no more mi chong liao..

d_luaz said...

wynn abandoned me :(