Saturday, March 18, 2006

Farewell, my old buddy

A few days back, I had finally changed one of the most personal belonging which I carry almost everyday, something which would make me miserable if I didn’t have it with me when I go out: My Wallet.

Old Broken Buddy in Dire Stage

My old wallet is a gift from my brother; he bought it in Italy when he was traveling Europe after study in UK. Think of it, the wallet had been with me for 7-8 years. Wow! I never thought that it could be that durable, thus an expensive good quality leather wallet from Italy is definitely worth investing in. Anyway, the poor wallet is going through some critical illness now, with holes in the coin pockets (I tape it) and doesn’t look presentable at all. I think I had a weird habit, that I usually wouldn’t change a thing by myself unless it quit on me, although it might be in dire stage now.

A Wallet with Male Personality

Anyway, I got a nice Pierre Cardin wallet from a caring friend as part of Christmas present. It is pretty nice wallet which suits my criterias, with a coin compartment, many card holders and I think it is leather as well. Only if it could be slightly thicker, but I shouldn’t keep too many rubbish in it anyway.

The New Rookie

After much consideration and sorting out some issues, it is finally clear for me to use the new wallet, as the coins keep dropping out from the old one (bad symbol as money is leaking out). Tada! A new good looking wallet, which shall accompany me for sometime.

I expect you to last another 8 years!

Now, I shall make enough money to reward myself with a good looking and durable watch :)


christine said...

wah, your "old buddy" is really durable!!!!!!

d_luaz said...

haha, I just realised he is really that old :)