Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Pure Evil

Yesterday an evil chick says that she lied to me all these while, for the good of people around her and I have to be sacrificed for a greater course. All these sounds good as long as you are the voodoo girl who sacrifice people, not the poor little lamb being sacrificed.

There would some point in our life, where we though we made the best decision out of the most challenging scenario. We though there is no other way which it could be done better, and our decision is the best decision. Perhaps, the best options available for us, really depends on our maturity of thought at that time. We always make the best decision, but the best decision might vary over time depending on our maturity of thoughts.

I cannot control others, neither could I persuade them, nor can I proved that I am right (this is debatable). Like Tang said, just let them grow naturally, it is almost impossible to let them see the alternate truth. Perhaps there is no instant growth, neither instant awareness and understanding. Or perhaps, I am the one who is not grown up.

I understand why she did it, but I couldn’t agree with her methods. It is too childish. So many things are spoilt here, only a fragile friendship remains. Any more lies and breaking of promises would break what is remained to pieces easily.

PS: Never start a lie, as it would lead to another one, torment our soul until the truth is told, with a permanent scare and broken glass.

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