Monday, March 13, 2006

Valentine Party

This is a long overdue Valentine post, where I had been invited to join a bachelor party. Feeling lost and bored at that time, I would grab any opportunities to get out of the house and do something. I had a “date”, and she is so nice in the sense always remembered me when there are opportunities to have fun. Pick her up from her training center, had dinner together in SS2, pickup Valentine gifts for gift exchange during the party and head down to Rum Jungle for some partying. It seems almost like a real Valentine date, too bad it just couldn’t be.

From the party, I understand myself much better in the following sense
  • I am not a party dude, I only like to dance
  • I don’t like socialising with stranger
  • I don’t like high maintenance party girl
What kind of people are at the bachelor party (or in fact, at any party)?
  • High Maintenance Party Girl, who had thick makeup and nice party dress, and dance only to show and socializing perfectly with a wide spectrum of people, but all conversations only last for 5 minutes as she had many people to talk to.
  • PR Girl, who might not be a chick but definitely knows how to socialise.
  • Pretty Face, who don’t need socializing skill as they attract the opposite sex to do the talking for them.
  • And the Companion, someone who sticks with a guy or gang all night long, smiling and makes others look good.
  • The rest of the guys, all look the same to me.
So, if I am neither a party dude nor a very sociable being, perhaps party is not really for me. Only if there is a party with no strangers, and ample songs and space for dance.


DC said...

Elo Tai Kor,

Harhar long time no see, managed to bump into your blog thru petalingstreet.

Hows life, left the group already ahhh....i'm still rotting here :P

Cheers keep in contact

Mich said...

if u see me at the party, which type of gal i belong to?

d_luaz said...

Hmm, not really sure. Haven't see how u behaved in a party. Perhaps a pretty face or companion? Or I can create a new category for you if such needs arise :)