Thursday, March 02, 2006

Wynn's KL Party

The past few days is probably one of the happiest moments in my life, having to spent time with Wynn and Mei Ru. The 3 of us are very compatible, equally crazy and playful.

It started one week ago where Wynn and I planned something for Mei Ru, where Wynn would give a surprise visit (from Batu Pahat to KL) to Mei Ru. I booked Mei Ru for the weekend to make sure she would be free, and asked her to collect her surprise gift at the StarBucks next to BB Plaza. The surprise work perfectly, and we had a great time over the weekend.

We had supper with Chim on Friday night, and the girls stayed over at my place. We have a long playful and chatty night, and Wynn had to convince Mei Ru’s mom to let her stay overnight with us. The initial plan was cycling at Bukit Cherakah in the next morning, but we couldn’t wake up. We switch the plan to visit Aquaria instead, and Michelle joined us. The Aquaria is so so only, but we have quite a lot of fun taking pictures for a photography competition which we took part on the spot. Mickey is a superb and expressive model. We drop by Mei Ru's place for a visit, partly to reassure her mom that she is hanging out with a good crowd and also for her to pack her stuff. Night time is dinner with Yong and Weng, Chim and Tang FFK us last minute. Dinner is at American Chilies, the food is good as usual, perhaps Weng and Yong did find it a bit awkward as the rest didn’t join us. We bought ticket for tomorrow movie (49 Days), and the girls spend another fun and playful night at my place.

As usual, we didn’t wake up early and spent the morning playing tattoo drawing (Mei Ru is the main victim as usual). We were running late and have to rush for the 2.15 PM show without breakfast and lunch. We bought lots of food into the cinema, and Mei Ru is the food distributor as she sits in the center. The movie is average, but nevertheless freaky at certain point. We had an early dinner at Vietnamese Kitchen, before we rush to Red Box at the curve for some fun and crazy karaoke session. We had a super big room with 3 microphones for just the 3 of us, superb! We sing shamelessly, we play violently and we jump like bunnies. Got to rush Mei Ru home before 12 midnight before her mom banned us from going out with her for life. Wynn spends the night at her friends place in Damansara Utama, and we spontaneously planned for a lunch visit with our ex-colleagues the next day.

We gave everyone, especially Mei Ru a surprise lunch visit. Everyone is good and things still feel pretty much the same. It is kinda different to walk in the office in a leisure mood, kinda observed more stuffs. Had a KFC lunch with most of them, Wynn and I walk to Low Yat to pick up some computer equipments after lunch. Our ex-colleagues “tumpang” us to buy quite a few items as well. We walk back to office near 5 to have tea with them, as they wanted to chit chat for a while before going home. I had dinner with Wynn and her friends at Little Paris, and Hank joined us as well. He was forced to buy as supper as well, but he had sleepy eyes as he is a sleep early person.

We had movie again on Tuesday night with ex-colleagues, "Fun with Dick and Jane". The movie is so so as well, could be better. Wynn is freezing cold as she forgets to bring her cardigan. We had supper after the movie; Kenny didn’t join us as he is another early person. Wynn is quite bored these few days at her friends’ house, as she is alone during the day. I offered her to come to my place; at least there are company, food, computer and Astro.

There is a lot of happiness within these few days, perhaps the 3 of us really compatible and capable of creating fun out of the simplest things. Perhaps we complement each other, being comfortable and at ease. Perhaps it is the holiday mood.

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meiru said...

heheh.. this 2D2N KL trip was really fun!! next round, maybe we should go visit Wynn at Batu Pahat ler.. kekekke...

Chim said how come Batu Pahat ppl came all way to KL to bring KL ppl go KL trip? hahhhaa...