Wednesday, March 22, 2006

There is hope after all for local VC

Out of no where equipped with thin hope, I suddenly got this email to meet a local VC for interview. I am thinking it would be a MBA graduate with no knowledge and experience about startup who gonna interview me, and would find my idea boring and not hyped enough with the current trend.

Anyway, I have a great surprise for me. After much of my earlier skeptical, there seems to be a little bit of light after all.
  • He looks young and hippie (not the typical serious MBA look)
  • He is humorous (only a person who knows how to have fun can do good business)
  • He knows what’s cool and what’s not (I mean cool, not Hype according to Forbes Magazine)
  • He tries very hard to understand what the hell we are trying to tell or sell
  • He gave constructive feedback based on the view point of entrepreneur and venture capitalist
  • I think he is an entrepreneur himself, thus he knows the game well with experience and exposure
After some revamping with the local VC sometimes ago, I think they finally get it right (slightly). You need the right people to do the right job, not just employing someone with high paper qualification and assume they are the best men for the job. To identify a potential entrepreneur, you need an experience entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, there are much more than just brilliant ideas, and not everyone can identify the other X factors which could potentially make a successful entrepreneur out of a commoner.

There seems to be hope after all. Kudos to the local VC! But whether my application is successful or not, there is still no guarantee and just a thin invisible line separating them. Anyway, I am happy with their improvement.

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