Sunday, March 05, 2006

Self Accomplishment Contract (01 March 2006 - 01 March 2007)

Last week Tang and I had a crazy idea to set targets for our current career endeavor, as both of us are venturing into different uncharted waters. The objective is to motivate us to take our adventure more seriously and discourage giving up hopes and dreams midway, as there are promises made and we need to answer to each other at the end.

I take this idea further by creating a contract of what I would accomplish for myself within a year, listing them down black and white with Tang as my witness. If I would give up, I would feel shameful to answer to her. Success or not is another matter, but I would need to see it through, once and for all. She was shocked with my effort when she saw my contract, but I said we need some symbolic representation of our promises so that it shall remind us always. Tonight I received her contract as well. The MOU ceremony is completed.

PS: Tang would like to keep her private endeavor private, so just assume you didn’t read this if you know her. If she found out, I shall deny it fully and hunt you down.

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Andreas said...

This is fantastic. A great idea, manageable, and motivating. Go for it!!!