Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Be Annoying, or Don't Care?

Today I watched the last episode of 青出于蓝, where a complicated love triangle is involved. Miss Wong is still caught between the courtship of 2 guys, Ah Choy and Sir Zhang. Miss Wong likes Sir Zhang, but they are temporary separated due to some misunderstanding of accidental issues. Ah Choy take this opportunity to express his interest with Miss Wong again, thus they fall into the love triangle once again.

Somehow I am confused, why Miss Wong felt so headache between these two guys. She loved Sir Zhang, she should accept him again and ask Ah Choy to back off, but she didn’t. In fact, she chooses to fly away to England and leave both of them behind. I curiously ask my mom, “Why the girl didn’t just select the one she loves and move on?” Her answer is simple, straightforward yet brilliant, “Because Ah Choy is a very good friend, and Miss Wong would not want to hurt him.”

I always thought, love is very simple, you just choose to be with the one you loved most. Perhaps human are social beings, we have family, friends and lover. Sometimes we would sacrifice one for another, and sometimes we wouldn’t want to hurt anyone of them (or hurt all of them). At the end, both the guys decide it is best to give her more space, so that she can comfortably choose the one she loves without hurting the other. At the end, they did a simple test to find out who she really loves, and the not so lucky one act as a gentleman to consent their relationship so that she would feel happy and not guilty.

Sometimes we thought that we should shower the one we love with care, but it might turn out to be unnecessary pressure at the wrong time. Take initiative to show love and care (be annoying), or to give more breathing space (assume not to care?).

PS: Kenny is right about one thing, I learned all my stuffs from TV

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