Sunday, March 05, 2006

Anti Procrastination Guide

After almost 1 week of KL Holiday with Wynn and Mei Ru, I found myself procrastinating again with difficulty in gaining momentum to get back to work. Play Hard Work Hard, is easier said than done.

Procrastination or "task aversion" is the irrational delay of an intended course of action, even while expecting to be worse off for the delay. The procrastinator deviates from the task, usually in favor of another more enjoyable (or less unenjoyable) activity. This behavior is pervasive throughout society - everyone procrastinates to some degree - but some people are so chronically affected as to be severely debilitated. - wikipedia

I know this trick is a bit old, but nevertheless I decide to create some Anti Procrastination Poster for myself to kick start my productivity momentum. I get these pointers while procrastinating over some anti procrastination web sites during my previous employment (ironic isn’t it?). I start making personal notes on web sites which I think is worthy on my personal wiki about a year ago, thus Procrastination is part of my collection as well.

Anti Procrastination References:
So, Evil of Procrastination, Be Gone!

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