Thursday, September 08, 2005

Profile Picture Update

Changing of profile picture to a newer version :) The picture on the left is the original version taken during my Taman Negara Trip in early 2005. My female colleagues say I look too young for my age, while others commented I look very old (I think I look young in it). Now I am upgrading the picture to ver 2.0, taken by semi-professional photographer Christine during my Kota Kinabalu trip in July 2005 at Snake Island. There is more sunshine in this picture, and definitely look darker. Li Mun (a.k.a Evil Miss Angel) commented I looked like "An innocent little boy who is full of hope and dreams". Today Kenny just told me that I looked boyish and shall never turned into a Man, muahahaha.


meiru said...

Both pics also look so boyish! Maybe u should show one not smiling, black face one, then would look more mature.. hehe..

christine said...

Thanks for your apprecaition of my master piece and put it in your polife. "An innocent little boy who is full of hope and dreams", haha, this comment is quite good. With hope and dream, then you will be sucessful......hahaha, but don't be an innocent boy, otherwise you will be cheated!!!