Sunday, September 25, 2005

Karaoke Survival Series

I think I have my first Karaoke session in my life a few months ago, with Tang and Chooi, and some of her friends as well. I think it is someone's birthday, because there are some nice little cakes, but can't quite recall whose birthday is it. Anyway, I didn't quite enjoy it and found the session quite boring, as I didn't know many songs and I don't sing very well. So, probably I need some practice before going back for karaoke again.

Months have past (I have turned down numerous karaoke invitations), and I didn't improve on the singing nor learned any new songs. Somehow, I attended 2 karaoke sessions this week. The 1st one is the birthday celebration of Chim, CL and Chooi (and maybe Kenny as well) on Thursday (New Way at Times Square). Since it is a birthday celebration cum karaoke, I didn't quite accept or reject the invitation either, sort of left it to chance. I choose to follow Rock's car that day, though he agreed to attend the party but there is a small chance he might not be able as well. Well, it turned out he could, and I thought probably I could just enjoy the food only without singing. Many of us attended the celebration, including hardcore karaoke member such as Tang, Mei Ru, Michelle, Kenny and Chooi (and CL, maybe not too hardcore). We have those who don't quite enjoy singing as well, such as me, Rocklon, Chim, Kok Wai and Yong (maybe Rathi as well). Those who are here for the food grab the food, and others grab the microphone. Mei Ru has really kid-ish voice; Kenny is a showman; Tang likes to sing a lot; Michelle likes Malay songs (non-Chinese education); Chooi can rap; CL seems like a new comer. Tang, being her usual playful self, will prepare some surprises for the birthday boys - putting 3 condoms in a biscuit can full of weird editable liquids and ask them to blow it (hmm, how could she succeed in asking them to do it, and certainly she did not). Halfway while everyone is enjoying singing, Kok Wai being his playful self throws a condom with sticky liquids in it (did he jerk off in the toilet? I have no idea, not interested to know and not gonna find out). The throwing of sticky condom somehow ended up as food fight where nut and crackers are thrown across the room, until the waiter have to come in to sweep the floor in between (quite an embarrassment, but everyone have fun). I couldn't quite stand the boredom of just sitting there watching Music Videos, thus decide to pick a few easy songs to sing with (it shouldn't be too hard to sing along, as long as one of the person knows how to sing). Luckily there are 5 microphones with many active singers around, so it is pretty okay. I kinda enjoy it, and if only I could know a few more songs to keep the time occupied. The night ended with group photo, and Chim and Kok Wai slip a condom into Tang and Rathi’s handbags (they pour in a whole bunch of nuts in Tang's bag in earlier food fight as well). Somehow, everyone left in a hurry. Rathi gave me a ride home, goodie! I brought my DV to capture everyone's Malaysian Idol's moment as well :)

Guess when is the 2nd karaoke session? Exactly the next day with my dance classmates (RedBox at Sungei Wang Plaza). Though I am feeling tired, but I decide to go anyway for 2 reasons i) I kinda enjoyed Karaoke, just wanna try it once and for all whether I could survive in karaoke room without being bored to death (and perhaps to pick a few Faye Wong's songs for me to try as well, figuring how to use the remote for the 1st time) ii) partly because of Li Mun as well, as we kinda talk about this the day before. I wanna make it a point to enjoy myself, though I don't have the skills. There are 3 microphones for 5 persons, goodie! Tonight we have Tang, Li Mun, Jeremy and Janice. Li Mun likes singing as well, perhaps not as active as Tang; Janice has a very specific choice of songs; and Jeremy only sang English songs (I think he sings pretty well, much betta than me). I manage to pick a few songs which I absolutely know how to sing, mainly 王菲 (Faye Wong) - 爱昧 and 李心洁 (Angelica Lee) - 同一个心空下. For the rest of the night, I just try to pick some easy songs and follow others. I know quite a few of Faye's songs because she was my idol when I was in secondary school, for the 1st time where I seriously listen to music (before that, I don't give a damn about any music, as I found it too complicated to know or remember them). The night is pretty enjoyable, as we sang from 9 P.M to about 2 A.M, pretty amazing in fact. I do like to sing girl's songs, perhaps I found it suit me better and I like to listen to them nowadays (after all, my first and only idol is Faye). The girls though I sing pretty well and know many songs, but in fact I just sang softly and follow others (some simple and easy songs with catchy chorus would be just nice). I am not sure what make them think I am good at it, probably just some words of encouragement. So, as usual, better learn up a few more songs before the new K session.

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christine said...

Now, I knew why you rejected my suggestion to go karaoke in the last night of the trip in KK. HaHa, practise more songs. Wish to hear your singing voice in the next time. Add Oil!