Thursday, September 01, 2005

My Plan for 2006

There are still a few more months to go and I am already planning for year 2006, when had I become such a planner? Drastic situation had called for drastic measures. What am I planning actually? I am planning to take a long break from work and do something I longed for.

Firstly, I had many unfulfilled plans in term of my personal work. I had delayed on collaboration with a friend and I think he had lost interest when I finished it. The second project is a continuation from last year's effort, and I ended up totally didn't touch on it this year. At the same time, I am playing catch up with all my freelance projects, and delayed quite a few of them. I think I am getting less discipline and my freelance work had start picking up, and I still keep my day job. I want to clear up the backlogs, and make more money out of freelancing and hopefully lead to my next agenda.

Secondly, I had always wanted to start my own Software House, either it is a one man band or a small establishment. Maybe I am arrogant, but I believed I can develop software cheaper and better than all the software houses in Malaysia. My main problem is selling them, but I am better prepared than I used to be. Have been brushing my product development, marketing and sales strategy through various sources, mainly Joel on Software, Erik Sink, Rands in Response, Crossing the Chasm, The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing and Good to Great. Besides, I know of a few more sales contacts and my freelance effort had expanded. Now I have 2 marketable products in hands (still need some polishing before being put on retail sale). Do reading books and online articles help? I felt that they are quite an eye opener, at least now I am more knowledgeable and can deploy proper strategy (when I can execute them correctly is another matter). I guess I won't get to know how effective and applicable they are until I tried it. By concentrating more on my personal work, I am hopeful of can come out with one or two product line based on my current work, and take a risk and engage in one of my existing ideas.

Thirdly, I might join my cousin to setup The Skill Academy: an academy to teach exceptional children life functioning skills besides academic curriculum. I found that my cousin is a very passionate psychologist, who could make a decent living out of it, while caring for the children very much. I am afraid I am not very good with children, I don't think they like me anymore. Maybe I don't feel that I have enough passion with kids, not sure if I could be a good teacher. I always think of one day I would become a teacher for a short duration, and teach the children something interesting. It sounds like fun, maybe to fulfill my teaching-crave. I mean working with her could come out nicely, as she could use an IT literate person on her team (though not extremely critical, but I should be able to help her in some small ways). Besides fulfilling my teaching crave and helping her out, at least I got some kind of fixed work and maybe draw a small salary as well (if I quit my day job, I'll be jobless). Do I get joy by teaching children? It had yet to be seen. But, I am willing to give it a try, though it might be time consuming.

Probably this would be my second venture after 3 years. Last time I was strike with anxiety and uncertainty with what I am supposed to do (lack of planning and strategy, everything is pretty ad-hoc, and desperate for business and clients). The thing with coming out on my own is it needs a lot of discipline and self assurance. I am more prepared and a better person now, but that doesn't guaranteed success. The wisdom lies within, "Execution of a plan is be more critical than planning itself". I already have a rough idea of what I need to do and want to achieve, and I need to take care of the execution part of it. I think I am ready for a second try, and hopefully this would be a fulfilling and satisfying experience (as long as I can stop myself from sleeping and chatting too much, and work productively). I think my salary had grown to a comfortable level nowadays, but I still dreamed of working for myself (lesser the frustration with stupid and irratating bosses). I want give it another try while I can still pull myself out of the temptation of drawing a fat fixed monthly salary. Money not earn is money lost, this could put quite some pressure on me. I need to learn to detach myself from money itself. Money is important, but it is not the end. The guts to take on opportunity is more rewarding than money itself. Fortune favours the adventurous anyway.

Sometimes I wonder, am I doing it for the money or freedom? I guess I am somewhat unhappy and unsatisfied with my current job, due to its various limitation and bad practices. Perhaps I want happiness. The money to give me financial freedom, and allow me to do something which I quite enjoy as well. I once told my cousin, I want to be young and successful. A million dollar comes at age of 30 or 40 makes quite a different, and to make it on time is not exactly impossible. I just have to figure it out, execute it and hope for the best. Besides, I like the beer campaign slogan, "Someone will do it, why not you!”


meiru said...

Remember to hire me for The Skill Academy! ;)

d_luaz said...

That time you can drive your MyVii to work :)