Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What is Love?

Today I watched Laws of Attraction on Star Movies, a romantic comedy star by Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore. The movie is pretty okay, but what caught my ears was a phrase Daniel Rafferty (Pierce Brosnan) say, "Call me old fashion, but I believe I should give my love one whatever she wants". At that point, Audrey Woods (Julianne Moore) was asking for a divorce, and he heart brokenly granted her wish.

That gets me thinking of what is love again? This topic is so broad that it could have a millions answer and perspective or it. I was asked by my Ex if I love her. I can undoubtfully answer her "YES" during the beginning on our relationship, and it is no doubt the "Honeymoon" period and love is in the air. As times goes by, I found it more difficult to answer whenever she pops up the same question again. I asked myself, do I love her? How do I know that I actually love her? I ask a friend of mine did she love her boyfriend (they have been together for a few years, and the boyfriend gave commitment that they are working towards marriage); she can't gave me a definite yes as well. Does that mean we are all not in love, or we don't know what love is?

At the beginning of love relationship we are full of emotion emotions and feelings, but we are well aware that those don’t last forever. Somehow or rather, we would come back to our logical thinking and start analysing do we really love him or her. I read a simple email before which said that if you are in love, you would always think of her whenever she is not around, and you always want to be with her all the time. As we matured, I think love is much more than that. Then I thought maybe love is all about sacrifices, how much I am willing to sacrifice for her, for our happiness. I don't mean die for her (thought it might be), but more of maybe slowing down the career aggressiveness (less career-centric) to spend more time together, or do things for each other without expecting anything back in return. We have to be selfless, and put our love one upon us. If 2 people keep sacrificing for each other, maybe things will even out eventually. Rather than we doing things for ourselves, our partner will do things for us and vice versa. So I kinda agree with what is said by Daniel Rafferty, "I believe love is about giving her what she wants".

Of course, love can be so simple yet complicated. Maybe we humans are complicated being, after all, we are a collection of billions of cells (there could be some many random possibilities). We changed over time, the people around us changed and the environment changed as well, and our feelings shifted and our emotions go up and down. To answer the question "Do you love me?" can be very intriguing if you give enough deep thoughts to it. Perhaps I should ask myself, "Am I willing to sacrifice for her, making her happy and put her upon myself?” If her happiness highly relate to my happiness, perhaps she is the one. As usual, maybe words are indeed much easier than action itself. Perseverance perhaps.


christine said...

I am agree that sacrifice is a good indication for showing your love to someone. Thus, it can prove that how Jesus loves people, as He died for us in the cross to redeem us from sin. This is an evidence of sacrifice. Thus, I can see what is love.

meiru said...

* ~ 喜欢就是淡淡的爱, 爱就是深深的喜欢 ~ *