Saturday, August 20, 2005

Mind-Boggling Thought: Effect of pornography on our sex life?

Personally, I think our sex life is pretty much being influenced by Pornography. I mean, without porn, how long would it take for various sex techniques and positions to reach the masses. It would probably take a long time, or even it might not reach certain household in a lifetime. Probably the porn industry determines the trend, what's hot and what's not. Just like watching fashion magazine and entertainment program to keep up with the latest style and trend.

Then again, are all these sexual pleasure a male dominated practice or the female enjoy it as well? Does female really enjoy all the act which are perform during porn shooting, or it is just to keep up with the expectation and keep the male counterpart satisfied? Hopefully there is a poll on the net about this topic (let me know if you find one). I encounter a few female friends who are disgusted by some porn videos. I wonder would they one day doing the act which they disgusted today. I mean, there can be so many reasons why that could happen.

I am not into SM and Torture stuff; it just doesn't fell right (got some eerie feeling of darkness and evil, not that I am an angel). Does pornography enhance or detiorate our sexual life? I guess as long as it doesn't cause harm and everyone like it, it should be good. If you are disgusted by them, just don't watch or follow them (if you can escape the trend).

One interesting question, who doesn't watch porn? When we are too young, we are afraid to admit that we watch pornography. When we get a little bit older, we admit openly we watch porn as it is perceived as the norm (mayb not too openly, else you might be categorised as a sex pervert). So, what if you meet someone who claim that he or she doesn't watch porn? I would assume he or she is either one of the holiest person on earth, or a suppressed pervert going-to-be (or just another shy person, hmm).

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