Saturday, August 20, 2005

Mind-Boggling Thought: When is the right time to have a love relationship?

When we are too young, we are not interested with girls because they are different from us (or izzit because the hormone haven't kick in yet).

When we are a teenager, we are not encourage to have a girlfriend at school because we are students and should concentrate on our studies (this is the common discouragement in Malaysia).

When we are at College/University, we have all the freedom to do what we like (it's the time for us to move to big city to study, away from our family). But, I stupidly wanted to study and get a good degree so that I could get a good job (at least I was told this is how it's supposed to work). Tips: I personally feel this is a good time to start a relationship, things tend to be more fun and less worries at this stage.

When we finally graduate and get a job and a girlfriend as well. Then you would FEEL (actually you know it long before) the unromantic fact: love cost money. Hagen Daz Ice-cream, American Chillies, San Francisco Steakhouse, they sure sound delicious. Is not that we like expensive food, we just like nice food, just happened that most nice food are expensive.

Then this got me start thinking. Since we are spending quite an amount of money to keep our life happy and fulfilling, we don't actually have much savings (not as if we have a big fat salary). Continuing the relationship few years down the road will lead to the big day: Marriage (unless you plan to have a few more girlfriends before settling down, that would delay this transition by quite a bit). The bad news is, Marriage is much more serious and cost even more money. You would have to work you ass out to pay the bills, the house instalment and support your lifestyle. Most probably you might stressed up and strain your family relationship (people do get angry and do/say the wrong thing easily when things get tough).

So, end of fairytale. You end up being a work slave supporting what you love, but not having enough time to spent with or love the one which you work so hard for. Is this really what we want? Even though you might not end up working like a Donkey, but you will be financially constraint somehow (being a salary earner).

As for me, when I settle down with my love one, I would like to make sure money is a minor problem. I want to spent time with my family whenever I want (not constraint by working schedule). Won't it be marvellous if you could spent time with your wife on weekday, enjoying less traffic, less crowded restaurant, don't have to fight for fitting room when shopping. Go to nice restaurant to dine whenever we feel like it (most probably we will try all the best food in town), pamper her with her favourite gifts and travel round the world together. That's lifestyle (or izzit the Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous?).

Then again, to achieve such lifestyle is not easy, it may take me 5-10 years of hard work, or I might never achieve it. So, men should start a serious relationship at 30? At the moment, my plan is to get the money first, then only the girl. People say love is blind, so when I am in love again, my mind may not be able to think straight anymore.

So, when is the right time to start a relationship?
- when you have fallen in love
- when you are wealthy enough

PS: I wrote this article quite a while ago, and it does sound funny when I read it again. I am not going to edit it, as I don't disagree with it :)

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hobbits said...

hey,used to share the same thought with u. now? still single!