Saturday, August 20, 2005

Migration of Mind-Boggling Thought

The Blue Dragon is Looking@Me is actually my 3rd blog. My first blog was Utopia@Tech.Corp One (Software House), which mainly talk about Utopian-Style Working Culture: How a Software House should be run. Actually, one of my dreams is to one day run my own software house, a place where an elite team can work in a productive and comfortable environment to produce good quality software which people actually like to use. Basically, I want to be tech entrepreneur, where Bill Gates kinda inspires me when I was young, and kinda wanted to follow the ways of Joel Spolsky and Eric Sink now. Running a small and respectable Software House is something I hope to achieve within the next few years. Sometimes I wonder am I after the money or a dream? It doesn't matter I guess, as long as I can make a living out of my dream.

My 2nd blog is Ming-Boggling Thought, where I use to write about questions which popup in my head from times to times (less serious stuff compared to Utopia). Somehow the site is kinda defunct now, and the content kinda suits Blue Dragon's theme. So, I am going to migrate all the articles here and kill the blog once and for all. I would keep Utopia as it had a good theme which I like to write about, just that I don't have enough time at the moment. I will get back to it, probably by next year :)

Coming up next is 3 series of Mind-Boggling Thought:

  1. When is the right time to have a love relationship?
  2. Effect of pornography on our sexual life.
  3. The Evil will always haunt u.

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